[Government Run Amock]


    April 2006

Dear Email Friends,

What is all the hullabaloo about global warming and man's puny ideas of controlling sun, earth, wind and storm?

Just what if we are in a time of Earth's existence that we have a (beyond our control) happening?

Did you know frozen bison with buttercups in their mouths have been uncovered at the North Pole?

Did you know that God wiped out the earth with a flood at one time?

Have not earthquakes come, that have shaken a good part of the earth, destroying completely islands and changing the course of currents?

Have not dust storms hit our country that completely ignored the 40 inch rainfall in some states?

As I stroll the fields behind my house I continually find seashells covering areas where I would surmise the ocean lived. Perhaps the very land on which my home now is was ocean.

Global happenings are part of the life and death; of life as we know it. We may stop the emissions from our horseless carriages but we will never stop what God intends to do with His planet called Earth.
    Marie Kolasinski