[Government Run Amock]


    April 2006

Dear Email Friends,

We're biting off the hand that feeds us.

Every business that serves the community is a life giving entity. It was birthed with labor, tears, sweat and blood (money). Every person working for that business gives it life to sustain it.

When any business has employees that demand more than the living entity can give - it dies.

Greed and selfishness is destroying our business world.

Whoever heard of a "vacation"? My Pa lived to be old and healthy. If he took a vacation the cows went unmilked and dried up.

Whoever heard of "accumulated sick leave"? If one is so ill he cannot work is one thing - "sick leave" is sick.

The term "unemployment compensation" describes the action perfectly.

Whoever heard of "having baby leave"? If we ever get back to a normal society babies will be a full time job.

Whoever heard of demanding bonuses - cars - insurance - gas allowance - all expected from the little fragile entity serving the community.

If anyone can take a long vacation and it not affect the business perhaps he is an unneeded appendage.

The good Lord gave us the Sabbath - - a day of rest and that at one time suited the citizens of this great country.

Let us get our priorities of life in order GOD - (WORK-JOB) - FAMILY.

Remember, foolish America, our government  - the biggest leach, the most selfish monster was created by you and me. It is so stupid it is biting off the hand that feeds it.

Also take heed - the self destruct button has already been pushed.

    Marie Kolasinski