[Government Run Amock]


    May 2006

Dear Email Friends,

    Unless we Americans as a nation repent, Bush's arrogance and paranoia will get all of us blown to kingdom come. The appeal of President Ahmadinejad to seek unity under the God of the Old and New testament is indeed an appeal and also a warning.

    Do not pray for God to be on America's side, but pray that we as a nation be on His side. He is not a respecter of persons and His judgements are without partiality.

    Shame on America for bullying nations to bow before us with threats of destruction with our paranoid finger on the destruct button.

    All that is hidden will be revealed: our motives, our actions, our arrogance, as God is here as judge to judge individuals, cities, counties, states and nations.

    Will Iran be found as a righteous nation on God's side and self-righteous, religious America with its many churches and power and strengths be annihilated because of pride and arrogance? Good question!

    Marie Kolasinski