[Government Run Amock]


My dear fellow travelers,

October 31st is our court date. As most of you already know if we were living in a true republic, a home of the free, we would have no reason to fight a government so as to run our business as we see fit.

America is standing on the cusp of a happening. The outcome of this case will determine whether we go into the greatest darkness this country has seen, or will we repent, humble ourselves and have the Father of our country once more rule and reign.

Our winning this case will be the beginning of pushing back the darkness, both moral and civil that covers this country.

If we as a citizen go along with the perpetrators of our freedom, we are as guilty as the perpetrator and we as a nation will suffer the consequences.

If we as citizens close our eyes to the abuse of justice in our land, we as a nation will suffer the consequences.

If we allow a government to prey upon the people because we are afraid to lose our life, or our way of life, we will lose our nation and our way of life.

e have traded the God of truth and righteousness for false gods and now stand in fear of pseudo enemies while the enemies of our freedom are not the Muslims or the Arabs but are our public "servants" lording  over us and calling it "just doing their job".

Abraham Lincoln at the time of the Civil War asked the nation, "What have we done to cause the wrath of a Holy God?" The answer to that awesome question was very evident. Did he abolish slavery to appease an angry God?  No, of course not. He was too afraid he would lose the election or afraid Jefferson Davis may divide the nation. So God had the head of our nation shot and pitted brother against brother until the shedding of blood remitted our sin.

We, as a nation did not repent then; will we see the same scenario happen today????

 [Marie Kolasinski]
Marie Kolasinski