[Government Run Amock]


Dear Email Friends,

Bush's call to a generation reminded me of Chicken Little calling "The sky is falling" as an acorn fell on her tail.

Quote from his speech - "The struggle has been called a clash of civilizations."  Quite a change from "We will beat the terrorists" - "We will show the tyrants who is boss."  He is not quite so sure of himself.  In the end of his speech he is wondering which civilization will survive - the one for freedom or the one for tyranny.

I find Bush's rhetoric quite interesting.  However God looks at the world's dilemma quite differently.  Seeing as the word civilization means, and I quote from Webster's Dictionary, "a state of being refined from the grossness of savage life."

Pray tell me where is there a civilized nation on planet Earth??

We are at the time of man's evolution when what we have called "civilization" will be no more - a time when we allow God to change our hearts so we become His concept of a civilization - where all selfish desires are gone, where we serve rather than lord it over one another - where we allow God to bring down tyrants rather than using our uncivilized methods.

Yes Bush, there is a clash of what the world may call civilizations, however, the big clash is civilizations vs. God and only the civilization which can make the change will survive.

Our nation's foundation is one of prize-winning hyprocacy.  On the doorway to our great nation we have printed "give us your maimed, your storm-tossed, longing to be free." However when the maimed came we sent them back to their country, breaking up families and causing unforgivable heartaches.  That spirit still remains in this country. If this be civilization, who needs it?

Using guns and missiles to prove our superiority - if this be civilization, who needs it?

With greed, lust, lying and bigatry a way of life - if this be civilization, who needs it?

God has a better plan - we either yield our selfish, arrogant nature to Him or be destroyed (the whole kit and kaboodle), as in the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah. God's wrath is like a storm cloud hanging over our nation and yes, President Bush, this nation is being tested. Do we have the stuff to change from a dog-eat-dog civilation into a Godly nation or will we go like in the days of Noah when the entire world was destroyed?

Time will tell: The hand writing is on the wall. The choice is lying in the heart of every citizen of our nation and every other nation on this planet called Earth.

 [Marie Kolasinski]
Marie Kolasinski