[Government Run Amock]


Dear Email Friends,

America, the house of cards, living in imagery rather than reality, will shortly crumble as God breathes upon us with a mighty rushing wind.

Oddly enough the first sign of His breathing on us came from a brave prophet, Chavez, the president of Venzuela.  We have replaced the living God with our false gods and have the devil as the power over us. Indeed, we are a sick nation from the top of our head to the tip of our toes. And President Chavez was brave enough to warn us.  He also predicted Bush would start his nightmare trek which I call "Mr. Toad's wild ride out of hell".

Anorexia, bulimia, pill taking, mental disease, marrying and giving in marriage are the symptoms of a sick image worshiping society.

Jesus admonished us with this statement. "The true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth."  Now if God is looking for a people of truth, surely in America it will be hard to find.

When Chavez was courageous enough to bring the truth to the world about our sick country, we all got out our fire extinguishers and tried to put out the fire that would topple our arrogant, prideful, house of cards.

Clinton, the great self appointed emancipator with a zipper problem took out his big fire extinguisher and squirted a few squirts so as to try to create peace when there is no peace or repentance.

I recently got a call from a newly wed whom I counseled not to marry.  Her plea was - "He used to pray with me and was kind and sweet."  My answer, "His mask is off.  The sweet side and the evil side of the tree  are  all the same tree.  Now you are seeing the real person in his evil day."  The sweet religious man was all image.  If you want to find someone living in sweet religious fantasy land go to a church. Pick out a partner and pray his mask remains on so you both can live in fantasy, the house of cards.

Please do not call me unless you want the truth for it will topple your little "house of cards".

 [Marie Kolasinski]
Marie Kolasinski