[Government Run Amock]


Dear Email Friends,

he letter below is in response to an article from The Orange County Register at the following link: http://www.ocregister.com/ocregister/news/columns/article_1293897.php

Dear Editor,

Our trigger happy police force is scary; however, the mentality of the likes of Gordon Dillow in this "Land of the Free" is even scarier.

When we pay policemen to gun down our kids riding their bikes without an unneeded helmet, we are indeed a sick society.

Our lawmakers are "do gooder maniacs" and our society is a bunch of bumble heads putting our kids under unneeded pressure, then putting them on pills to counteract their behavior.

I resent paying the legal fees and fines that should be paid by the perpetrators. Interesting no public servant takes responsibility for their deeds.

Perhaps anarchy would be more sane. Then we all could kill and steal, like our public servants now do.

 [Marie Kolasinski]
Marie Kolasinski