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The Cross

     On October 28th, 2006, seven brave men mounted on the roof of our beautiful Piecemakers' building, a twenty foot cross lighted with 700 colored lights. Awesome, whimsical, breathtaking, brave and beckoning, it stands there in all its glory telling with its stateliness, the story of the human race with its sorrows, heartaches, pain and suffering and finally, its unbelievable redemptive glory. It is beckoning all to come.

    What is the cross??? My dear little children, let me tell you a most unbelievable story of God's love for His creation.

    Once upon a time, a long time ago; actually before time began, God began creating. His awesome ability to create fashioned a beautiful image of Himself. Of course, this was spirit and unseeable except that He placed this image of Himself in a vessel in a strange land. Up until this very day we have seen only the beginning, or the seed, of His creation, although it has been complete as far as the Creator is concerned, His plan for His creation is slowly unfolding.

    The beautiful seed has been groaning and crying and suffering waiting for the day when time itself runs out and the little baby seed can leave its prison walls and grow up into its full perfection, finally completing its long journey of travail and sleep and become innocent, without sin.

    This is where the cross comes into play. The cross is many things. It is first and foremost Jesus Christ, our Savior; it is the doorway into heaven, it is the beautiful tabloid of all of the suffering and tears of God's children. It is the place in our hearts where we give up our life, our will for His, our blood for His most vibrant blood. It is the place where we become complete, innocent, at rest and peace without spot or blemish... all worries ended, all tears wiped away, youth restored, God putting His stamp of approval on His most miraculous invention. It is indeed the colorful rainbow of glory of God's children, innocent and at home with a most holy and merciful, wise and whimsical Father.

    Now I am going to get into my story that will tell you what a great and terrible time we are living in. Jesus, the baptizer of fire, only appears to God's children in the "fullness of time" at the end of an age.  Until time runs out, or the gestation is over, the Holy Spirit has led the church through a long and dark night. The Holy Spirit leads and guides one into all truth and always bears witness of Jesus Christ even though it is a lesser light known as the "baptism of John".

    The church in the wilderness has known only the old rugged cross - old and rugged and placed on a building where something happened - one more milestone out of the long, dark night. That is, until October 28th, 2006, when seven soldiers of the cross, like the soldiers on the island of Iwo Jima lifted the banners of victory over Costa Mesa, California, telling the world that the enemies of our salvation have been put under foot. The veil of deception will be lifted and all will have to face a most holy alive, fiery cross where the choice will be up to each individual - repent, change your elements with the fire of the cross, or perish. That, my dear friends is my story, His story and your story. Each individual will have their time to embrace and cherish the alive, fiery cross and give up their life or save their life and lose it eternally. Will you give up your life for the crown? Do you really want God's will on earth as you have prayed lo these many years or are you all worthless words with no substance? His beckoning words, "Fear not little flock, it is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom," are as true today as they were 2000 years ago. But not without the price of your life. There is no absolution with Jesus. You either repent and change or perish.

See you in the cross.

 [Marie Kolasinski]
Marie Kolasinski