[Government Run Amock]


Dear Email Friends,


As I sit here at my computer this Sunday just four days before Thanksgiving, and one day before the court date that will determine the destiny of our country, I look over the beautiful home in which I live, the abundance of food on my table, my health, my family, my extended family and ponder - why shouldn't one with all the material things that lead to comfort be thankful????

But then my heart and spirit rise above these things which could be here today and gone tomorrow and I hear the cry of anguish as one business after another is snuffed out before it gets a chance to breath; as one citizen after another is arrested and thrown into prison for no apparent reason; for laws, laws and more laws until we are all labeled criminals for not cowering at the demands of our dictatorial government - for the hypocrisy of calling  ourselves the Christian government when we have committed more atrocities and more heartaches with our attitude that our government is God, and this god will not only protect all the world from one another, but will do our thinking for us, take away our rights and our pursuit of happiness - where taking responsibility for our own life and our own business is taken from us, where code books replace common sense - and I wonder, dear God, what do I have to be grateful for when I see a dark cloud hovering over America and the people going about life as usual not knowing we are on the verge of pain which is like that felt by war, depression, calamities, all thrown into one, the likes of which this country has never seen.

That is, unless we are brave enough to rise up and take our country back from the predator called government and seek God for His help in opening the eyes of the blind. I am grateful for the promise that His glory will cover the earth and the lamb will lie down with the lion and peace will one day rule.

So as we go into the courts tomorrow, I am thanking God for our courageous forefathers who left all to free themselves of a tyranny far less than is in our country today; for they had a vision of a land where they could bring to pass what at one time we called the "American dream", where the community would pulsate with the humming of factories, where the dreams of a business of their own could become a reality without the interference of government intervention.

These brave, courageous souls planted the seeds of freedom in the soul of America, the fruit of which we are still to partake. I am grateful for God who is the author and finisher of His work. I am grateful for the brave Americans who are making a stand today, risking being investigated, thrown in jail and losing everything, for the sake of freedom.

No government, without God, is anarchy. No government, with God ruling, is called the "kingdom of heaven". I am grateful and hopeful that as we as a Christian nation prayed for 2000 years "thy kingdom come, thy will be done", that God has listened and heard and is even now at work causing the old to pass away and the new be born.

So, as we enter this "Thanksgiving" season, let us remember that our forefathers celebrated Thanksgiving, not for the food they had on the table which is here today and gone tomorrow, but for the freedom they were experiencing as a reward for leaving all to fulfill their vision of liberty and justice for all.

 [Marie Kolasinski]
Marie Kolasinski