[Government Run Amock]


A letter to  President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the President of Iran

Mr. President,

Your most profound prophetic letter written to our President and cast aside as "just another letter" may have been disregarded by him and his staff; however, the American people  who are awakening from a long deceptive sleep are taking to heart every word so beautifully written, in awe over your spiritual understanding of our world crisis.

America has received warning after warning from God Almighty pleading for us to turn from our arrogant uncivilized ways and follow the example of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Let me name a few of the most recent warnings.  In the year 1986 the missile aptly named "The Challenger" blew up and the crew was destroyed along with the missile.  We had nobody to blame but ourselves - no supposed outside terrorists.  We continued to challenge God with our arrogance.  In recent times we had a sunami wipe out New Orleans, a southern city.  All homes were destroyed and we were so busy wiping out Iraq, our own people's welfare was ignored.  Did we give one thought to "Hey, this may be God warning us to repent and turn back to Him"?  Of course not.  So God sent some brave messengers and they destroyed the towers of commerce that were fire proof but burned to the ground - steel, bricks, glass and all.  Was this unbelievable devastation ever considered by our President or the media that perhaps it was God who made the towers disintegrate, considering that according to man the towers were indestructible???? 

With a happening so biblical it was as if Jesus purposely sent a biblical happening - one which warned the people in those days, "Unless you repent, you shall go likewise." Arrogant Bush and our Humpty Dumpty heads of country took this opportunity to flex our muscles, fantasize some enemy to punish and fulfill our Messianic warped desire to save the world.  Almighty God has told us time and again, "It is not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit I will build my house."  Governments topple because of their own corruption.

Every atrocity committed by our country that you described so aptly in your letter to Bush is written in the heavens and we as a nation will have to answer to the same God we all will ultimately have to answer to:  The murder of innocent men, women and children - greed and power blinding us to the hurt caused around the world.   Bullying nations to submit to our form of government which hasn't worked for us is the most heinous of barbaric actions. 

The betrayal as we send money and arms to help "rescue" the countries in a civil war -  aiding the side we think should win and then turning on them as the wind changes and we see another threat to whomever we think should be ruler or perhaps it is some of the resources we so greedily covet so as to make us the wealthiest nation in the world - only adds to our own disgrace.  Whatever our motive, we have not only done this act to Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq but to countless other small nations.

May I add, Mr. President, that you mentioned atrocities committed around the world which have been no different than those acts of Hitler, Mussolini, and other power hungry dictators.  However I would like to remind you that we have atrocities committed to our own people with no outside terrorists; atrocities such as happened at Waco, Ruby Ridge, the many black people who were kept slaves to make for a caste system, a judicial system so corrupt a fair trial is almost unheard of; a government made up of the same mind that would destroy a country to fulfill its Messianic, paranoid desires, by telling all the working class how to run their business and their life. Then let's throw in Guantanomo Bay Prison as an examples of a system gone awry.  These signs of corruption and many more and at the same time we are committing these unchristian acts, we are professing to be Christ like and supposedly "doing unto others as we would want them to do unto us."

What at one time would have shamed us we profess as normal.  When a President of any country commits an act of sodomy in the supposedly respected capitol of that nation and the people just look away as if it never happened all the time knowing that our guide book (the Bible) to righteous living demands the death penalty on sodomites; then I would quote Thomas Jefferson's  "When I realize that my God is a just God, I tremble for my country", as the warning for the hour.

We are a country professing one thing and doing another.  We are a country with a form of godliness denying the Holy Spirit, thus making us just another country professing to be under God when the fact is God left our country long time ago.

Please pray for us that we may have a vision for a government wherein righteousness dwells as we experience the collapse of our most corruptible so-called democracy, and that we may be once more the benevolent nation for which we once stood.

After saying all of this I would like to remind all who read this that although President  Ahmadinejad  is prophetically correct in seeing people from all over the world being drawn back to Almighty God, could this very act be the reason for all the terror, hatred, anger, disruption? For Jesus warned us about a time such as this that we are witnessing.  "Perilous times such as have never been on the earth shall come and not only will we betray those distant from us but family members will betray one another."

Therefore, knowing that all hearts are deceitfully wicked, that there is no good thing in man.  The miracle is that we have not already blown one another off the globe.  Perhaps there is some mighty Father of us all at work causing us to be so miserable we finally look to Him for help and repent from our evil ways and turn back to Him so He can finish the work He began in us at the beginning of creation.

Perhaps the great apostasy He warned us about in the scriptures is taking place as a prelude to the great awakening that will began in the country who has woven in its genes that ability to change and embrace the One who demands that we change as He is God who does not change and we must conform our nature to His if we are indeed, to become His sons and daughters.

The Jews or any other religion will be hated and without a country until they melt into the human race, lose their identity to be born anew with a new identity as must all of us.  Wars will not solve our global crisis; peace, peace when there is no peace will not solve our global crisis.  Only a new heart in which the God of righteousness dwells will we find peace not only with ourselves but with the rest of humanity.

With the faith of our father Abraham, the courage and bravery of Joshua as he led the children into the promised land, the gentle but mighty transforming power of Jesus Christ, the Son of Almighty God, let each of us do our part in bringing the longed for righteous kingdom of God on Earth.

And may the God of peace continue to give you the wisdom to not only rule your
country but to be an example for all the world leaders to follow.

 With our country's deepest respect I remain,

[Marie Kolasinski]
Marie Kolasinski, a servant of the Most High God.