[Government Run Amock]


Dear Email Friends,

     Thank you all for the wonderful responses from our last letter.  Since it is impossible to write each of you individually we thought we'd send a general email to you.

   We have broken no laws that were established by our forefathers and shaped our nation. If we are guilty of anything it's working 12 hours a day to sustain our nation and keep the perpetrators and those out to destroy the economy of America out of our store. Using the tax payers money for a lawsuit this ludicrous is a disgrace to our nation.

    If I felt like going to jail for an alleged misdemeanor would bring truth and justice back to our country I would feel it an honor to do so. However, the people who really serve our country and keep the wheels turning are the people in the business world - working, paying their taxes, supporting their families, and giving to the needy if necessary. These are the people who bring honor to our country.

    Our battle with the judicial system is showing up yet again its corruption.

Marie Kolasinski

Katie's letter follows:
District Attorney Scott Steiner,
    I have been a Piecemaker for over 25 years. We are a peace loving fellowship dedicated to surrendering our lives totally to God no matter what the cost. We read our Bibles and meet daily to discuss, confess, and share what the Lord is doing in our lives.  All we want is to serve the community and change into what God calls a new creation through obedience to Him. We have been diligently doing so with no trouble until 16 years ago when the health department came into our store with the attitude of dictatorship instead of being a servant to the people (which they claim to be.) They set about to rule over us with their petty codes in which we complied but it was never enough. They started out by coming in and ordering us to change our brand new brick floor in our upstairs tea room because some of the bricks were darker than others and they "couldn't see the dirt". There were other complaints just as ludicrous in which we, against our will, complied. One of them was to move our mop sink 6" higher and to tile the mop closet.  To this day we have never used the mop closet. For reasons too obvious to mention we eventually got tired of their frivolous codes and harassment. We did what we knew God was having us do to keep our store up to the standards God required and have been battling ever since.
    From the beginning the health department came in with an attitude of shutting us down instead of to help us. Personally I knew, as all the Piecemakers did, that we had to obey God rather than man and not allow these traitors to America in our store. In doing so my stability and faith in God was being tested for I knew what was right in my conscience but my fear of the health department and their bullying tactics was great. When the police and code enforcers came I stood my ground and was accused of obstruction of justice for trying to take the thermometer out of the inspector's hands.  I then ran for my life when I saw what the police did to all my family, especially to Marie Kolasinski, throwing her down the stairs. I became afraid of the health department and their power like so many other restaurant owners and left my beloved Piecemaker family. I became extremely depressed and went on several medications to get me through my fear.  I was accused of obstruction of justice along with Marie Kolasinki, Doug Follette and Judy Haeger.  Because I had left Piecemakers and was still afraid I went and appeared solely  before you and pled my case, was put on probation for three years and did community service. In doing so I went against my own conscience by not standing with my Piecemaker family thus grieving my own spirit betraying the family I hold so dear.
    I have come back to Piecemaker's now and they have graciously allowed me to be named with Marie, Doug and Judy for standing up to the tyranny your department has imposed on us.  I have renewed my faith and rededicated my life to God and still wonder where are the servants of our community? God is judging you, me and the whole system looking for a people that go by their God given conscience and not the codes and laws that bind the people. You Scott Steiner are playing an important part in this story as Moses said to Pharoah to "let my people go" so He says the same to you and to have mercy on the people so that he can have mercy on you. Be an example for your men and humble yourself and repent, do not harden your heart.
    I am truly proud to be called a Piecemaker and to stand with God's people as they lay down their lives for their country and even the world. God bless the Piecemakers.
Katie Needham