[Government Run Amock]


Dear Email Friends,

We thought you would appreciate this sweet letter written from one of the "angels" God had in jail with me.


Marie Kolasinski

Hello, Blessed Marie!

I just received your card and the money slip today, 1/24/07. We can't thank you enough for your generosity. I will make sure everyone gets what they need. Everyone says "hi". Desiree is in the infirmary. She had the abortion yesterday bless her heart. We are praying that they put her back in this dorm. Our flock is definitely missing her smiles and laughs. Karen got moved upstairs in general population. We pray she is ok, however I must admit the negativity isn't too missed. I pray she gets on the right path and reads the bible you sent her. Dee got the large print Bible and reads it every night. She also got her glasses, she was very tickled. Shawn is doing ok, still battling it out with her husband every other day. Angela sleeps a lot, I think she is depressed. I guess her Dad is going to be in Peru when she gets out and she is pretty disappointed about that. I told her that it seems really clear to me that everything is leading her path to you and she should keep an opened mind. I really truly believe that God is leading her to Piecemakers. She is worried because she doesn't have a ride when she is released from here. I told her I was certain that somebody from Piecemakers would pick her up.

Suzanne left last night. I don't think anyone will hear from her, I don't think she is finished with the destructive ways that led her here. Never the less we sent her out with a nice prayer. Sweet Elia is doing fine. We all miss you Marie. I can't even tell you the gift we received in having you here. My mom came here on Sunday to visit me and I asked her if she was reading about your story in the paper. She said she hadn't but that she had just left her physical therapist before she came to the jail and her physical therapist was telling her the story. Apparently her physical therapist frequents your store. When I told my mom that you were in our dorm my mom thought that was neat. She said that the Lord was surrounding me with spiritual people because of all the searching and changes I have made since I have been here. She said she was going to call her physical therapist and tell her about you being in our dorm. She says she and her physical therapist will go to your store in the next couple of weeks. My mom is dying to meet you!!

Well, gracious one, I am going to get this letter out to you. Again, everyone is so tickled to be able to buy the things they need. We can't begin to thank you all enough (you too Doug!!) Keep writing!
I love your letters and I will be sure to keep you updated on what is going on with our little flock. We will continue watering the seeds!!

Lots of love to you Marie,

His "sweetsie babies"