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Dear Email Friends,

  Below is a "letter to the editor" sent to The Orange County Register by Marie's younger sister, Babe. We wanted to share it with you.

                                                                                                        All the Piecemakers


Dear Editor,

   I have known Marie Kolasinski longer than anyone on this planet - she is my sister.

   It isn't necessary to go into her jail time - yes, jail for not obeying the health department - enough has been said about that. I'd like you to know Marie as we all do.

   Most of the Piecemakers at one time needed a helping hand - on the arm of that hand was Marie. She saw the best in everyone who came to her and now has a family of friends who are all productive, working hard, making prize quilts - teaching those who wish to learn. They excell at home improvements - updating kitchens - tile work, be it for a small bathroom or whole house - woodwork that's beautiful - bannisters - anything is possible.

   Piecemakers is a loving family and all love Marie and her big heart.

Wilma "Babe" Bouk