[Government Run Amock]


Monday, January 29, 2007
Letter to the Editor, Orange County Register

Dear Editor,

I pick up the Sunday January 28th newspaper and read about Mark Daily's death in Iraq. His heroic efforts to not only serve his country but help bring freedom from tyranny to countries held in bondage to their governments.

Thousands of Americans have died for the same noble cause and I began to wonder if in war, we all end up losers. Is there a better way of bringing freedom to other nations than killing and destroying and bullying, which is just another form of tyranny???

Just what if we took the trillions of dollars spent in destroying a country and would spend the money by bringing  a better way of farming, of starting businesses, of doctoring, etc. All done by the private sector.  Government intervention has done nothing but bring sorrow and bitterness and hatred to the ones we are supposedly freeing.

Mcdonald's, Thirty-One Flavors, Gates and his computer expertise, IBM, to name a few of the private sector that has made America what she is today - has brought a new way of life that war and our sick government could ever bring to any country.

I pray the young blood of America rise up and shame all of us who have made a botch of our country trying to prove we are the greatest by force and bullying.  Let us become the nation that leads by example and serving, advice given to us by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

-Marie Kolasinski
Costa Mesa

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