[Government Run Amock]


Monday, January 29, 2007
Letter to the Editor of The Orange County Register

Pride and Arrogance Cometh Before the Fall

Considering that our country is 8 plus trillion dollars in debt, and considering that Bush spends millions of dollars a day on military used to destroy the infrastructure of other countries, and considering that the majority of Americans are sound asleep - well we have been weighed in the scales and found wanting.

As the big spiritual tsunami thunders into America, are we as individuals... as a nation... pliable enough to make the quantum leap into the next age or will we be washed away as was Sumatra and other countries, with nothing left but dead bodies and debris?

There is a living entity planted by our forefathers some ten score and seven years ago.  It was a seed conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Do we have the courage and the wisdom to cut off the appendages that will destroy the seed?  Or will we remain passive and sleep only to awaken too late?  Ages end and new ages begin as a thief coming in the night and destroying all except the seed for the new age.

With the new age being ushered in we will find that democracy has had its day.  It will be considered an appendage as destruction hits.  But let us start with the lesser appendages first.  County governments are an appendage.  We do not need them.  As a matter of fact if we hang onto them, like an appendix it will poison unto death the whole.

Without counties, taxes on real estate would diminish. Orange County collects $4,143,016,000 on property taxes alone.  Orange County collects millions in fines and bribes.  The salaries of Orange County employees is $2,090,216,700 a year.  Permits and licenses cost the working class millions of dollars.

When the evil in man has become so great that one man can use young men and women to accomplish his power hunger desires by slaughtering men, women and children, it is time we as Americans do something about it.  To do nothing is to be part of it.  To actually feed the monster is suicide for all of us.

As Jesus said, "We will either fall on the rock or the rock will fall on us."  Let us all be united and do the "Boston Tea Party" all over again.

When greedy,  beady eyed little gestapos can shut down a tea room, a restaurant, or any other place where the owners are more concerned about pleasing their customers so as to keep them customers, we are indeed a sick nation if we do nothing.

My stint in jail was no more hell than the harassment and raping I have been through these past years by government gestapos.


Marie Kolasinski