[Government Run Amock]


The State of the Nation
Every nation is made up of people who have ruling over them a head, be it a president, a dictator, a king, or God; and every head is a reflection of the people who are his body, so to speak. So why are we, whose eyes are open to see our paranoid, egomaniac head with a messianic complex, angry and upset with him when he in fact is a reflection of our own sickness????

All government is a blood sucking leech. Makes no difference if it is a Dictatorship, a Democracy, Communism, Republic, Naziism — all are the same leech only under a different name. Government is a dead entity for it gives nothing to the pulsating lifeblood of a nation. It can only live off the blood of the people who work and pay them with their sweat, blood and expertise.

Perhaps the sickest of all nations is our so called land of liberty for we honor our presidents as if they did something good for our nation when the fact is they are no different than the Saddams, the Hitlers, or any other head as they too live off the blood of the working class of people.

Pastors, elders and priests who take from the parish and give nothing in return except a false gospel are also blood sucking leeches.

Calling a government entity an employee is a misnomer as we do not hire them unless we vote them into office by going to the polls. Once we have hired them by voting for them, they spread their power by increasing their entities with people we do not hire nor can we fire. So I would admonish everyone, if you are sick of the way government is taking over our lives, our businesses, our children, our thinking, then we should do something about it.

If you are sick of our heads of state or nation trying to straighten out nation after nation when we are perhaps the sickest of all nations with more prisons, more drug users, more mentally sick people than any other nation, then it is time we start ridding ourselves of any government intervention and taking responsibility for our own actions.

Recently I had a most enlightening experience as I watched the government leeches at work in the marketplace and then in the court system. When the bloodsucker could not get blood from Piecemakers, they took us to court where the corrupt justice system made sure it got our blood. The judge repeatedly referred to her wanting to punish us for no crime committed. She wanted our blood, for she knows, without sucking our blood, she has no life.  How can we expect the thousands put into our jails and prisons for punishment rather than forgiveness and kindness and rehabilitation to benefit our society? Jesus himself said, “I did not come to condemn, but to save.”

We need no government except the Ten Commandments back in operation. Behind the Ten Commandments is a life giving entity that protects and gives life blood to the recipients. Paul, the apostle, said in one sentence, “If  you do not work, you do not eat.” Work is the word that describes anyone giving to the welfare of the community without getting compensated by tax money or blood from said community.

In other words,  all government leeches are really on welfare, from our president down to the fireman, to the police, to the assemblymen — to anyone getting compensated with the blood of the working class of the nation in which he or she lives.

Romans 13 — “Obey all governments, for governments are of God” has been thrown in my face by the self righteous Christians who mostly are robots repeating scripture like a machine. Do I believe the scriptures??? You bet I do. Paul was writing to the Roman church. Roman government was already destroyed. Democracy has a Caesar just like Rome did. If you want to read the frightening account of the destruction of Rome, read the book of Josephus.  Can God be less lenient with America than He was with Rome??? So the church in Rome had elders. Everyone gave to the community. There were no leeches.  All were subject to God, the life giving entity, and submitted to one another, for “the governments were on His shoulders” and peace reigned until the devil somehow started his governments again — which in this year of 2007 we see our hopeless predicament — hopeless, that is except for God. His kingdom come, His will be done when the corruptible will put on the incorruptible and America will be governed not by fear, but by yet a better way, that charity vaunteth not its own, that brings peace and justice for all.

Points to Ponder:

Pray tell me — what is the difference between a murderer in our society or our whoremonger leaders who, like the Mafia hire another person to kill men, women and children???? Sad to say, one goes to prison and the other gets applauded. Dead, mutilated bodies and ruined lives are the end results of both.

Marie Kolasinski