[Government Run Amock]


Dear Email Friends,

  We thought you would like this letter Marie sent to God's angels in jail. 


My dear P-13 sweetsie babies,

    Angela, please read to all - gather together and fellowship with this letter to all.

    God calls you sweetsie babies cause His little seed inside each is beginning to grow and it gives off a sweet essence.

    When I was there with you I planted in your hearts the seeds of the Kingdom.  Now it is up to each one to water it and God Himself will ultimately make the increase.  You will notice it is the "seeds of the kingdom". That is the seed Jesus planted and Paul planted.  The church evangelists have not planted that seed and we have a dead church. If you "Seek first the kingdom of God and His Righteousness" and make that the No.1 priority in your life, you will ultimately decrease totally and you will be conformed into the image of His awesome Son.  If you seek, you will find.  Do not expect this to happen overnight.  It is a life time purpose that makes life have a meaning.

    Now, how do we water this precious life inside of us???  Well, we cause that seed to grow by decreasing daily. We decrease by not wanting our will, not wanting to be right, humbling ourselves daily. God will set up circumstances for us to grow.  We also grow by reading our Bible, fellowshipping with other little growing seeds. "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be satisfied."

    Your life, if lived for Christ by picking up your cross daily, can change the world.  If you acknowledge Him in all the circumstances He leads you into, good and bad, He will direct your path right into His heart where Jesus has gone before us to prepare a place with your name on it.  Wow, what a mission for each of us.

    Your letters to us are encouraging all of us here at Piecemakers as we all are on our journey back home to our Father. I am sorry about the news article.  Michadeit is a dick, like the devil.  I wrote to him telling him that Jesus warned us about "casting our pearls before the swine".  Today's Register carried a letter by Don Hull also blasting him.  Dumb ass swine.  He doesn't get it.  I did not know he had the letter although all your letters are written in heaven as a sweet smelling savor to our Precious Savior.

    Pam looked so much better after a good rest.  I am praying God heals her hip without an operation.  I have seen legs grow and other miracles during the Jesus movement.  God sent me sweet hippies then. Now He is sending sweet angels from P13.   Elia and Dee, let us expect great things from our wonderful God whom we all love with all our heart and soul.  Sue is coming for breakfast tomorrow morning. We have a meeting as we do every morning.  And Lisa was as jovial as ever.

    Judy and Doug are out with Cal-Trans picking up trash.  They have 240 hours.  The world is so crazy.  However, Jesus warned us about His coming and the end of the age.  "With much tribulation we enter the kingdom".  Acts 13

    Dear Anita, I still see your sweet face and feel your frustration. If you will read a Bible, I will send one.  The same Holy Spirit who wrote that book also cast out the deaf and dumb demon that held someone prisoner when Jesus walked the earth.  Luke 8 tells about women like you and I who were healed of all infirmities.  The Holy Spirit is with us today for anyone who asks.  And that Holy Spirit always bears witness of Jesus Christ.  We will do all we can to help you when you come out.  We all are in this hell together, helping when we can, forgiving one another, loving one another, keeping the peace, rejoicing together. If anyone can sing, make up songs about our walk through this valley and into victory.  Your voices will reach to heaven, right through those thick walls.

    All for now.  I pray my P.O. or whatever you call her will let me write to Donna too.  She is a sweet sister also, trapped in the system.  The gates of hell will not prevail against us and all who do harm to you or if we bring hurt to anyone, we all will ultimately have to answer to God as He said, "Our very words will judge us."  So all the deputies are being scrutinized by our Father of us all.  Time spent in jail is short when measured by eternity.  Let us learn our lessons well.  I have told the press, T.V. and all, about your wonderful attitude in the midst of your tribulation.

    God bless all of you.  Sweet dreams, sweet fellowship, I love all of you dearly.

His servant,