[Government Run Amock]


My Dear Email Friends,

      It is always interesting to hear from our many quilting friends. I would presume most of you have also in your DNA a grassroots seed that is crying out for the America our forefathers so bravely fought to establish and so foolishly we have let slip through our fingers as we chased the "American Dream".

    Well folks, if I am reading the signs of the times correctly I would say that America is about to fulfill the destiny which was set in motion as our forefathers left a government much like ours to establish a new land.

    I am learning more about the history of our country now that the first phase of our journey is over, than all the years I spent learning in school. Is it because we are about to start on the second phase and we are gaining insight and courage from those who have gone on before us??? Is it because we are awakening after a long night's sleep and finding out (what seems like) too late that we have given our wonderful country over to a monster enemy??

    Well, let me let you know that America is just now prepared to be tested to the core and show the world that we are indeed a people who have, hidden in our core, that which God will use to establish not only a country which He, Himself began, but will create a people who will be a manifestation of His Life and Glory on the earth.

    We, here at Piecemakers, have given our lives to bring forth the fruit of the seed our forefathers planted. We have spent thousands of dollars fighting the unfair laws of the government. We have spent many a sleepless night groaning over the degradation of our country. We have cried out to God over the gospels being preached in the churches which are no more than a Mother Goose fairy tale.

    And, at the present time we are just culminating a lawsuit which ended up in a jail sentence and the closing of our tearoom, which is the heart of our store. Pray that one day we see a judge with balls enough to stand on what is right rather than on the manmade laws that have bound the people so we can hardly breathe. God is about to judge the judges first, and woe unto the lawyers. Also, woe unto the thing that calls itself the church. Even calling it lukewarm, which He vomits out of His mouth because of its stench, is flattering it.

    I pray you be among those of us starting a grassroots movement -- to the rising up of a new country called "America, the Beautiful". Write to us. Stand with us as we move forward, making some brave and drastic stands against the unrighteousness of the powers that be.

    Check our website under "God" and "Government" as we move forward - not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit - to eventually get rid of capitalism and bring us back to the foundation upon which this country was founded.

    All for now. See you on the front lines.


Marie Kolasinski