[Government Run Amock]


Dear Email Friends,

I can understand why there is controversy over prayer in City Council meetings; politicians and bureaucrats today think THEY are God and are not accountable to anyone. So why should they invoke the blessings of a Deity when they themselves are the ultimate authority over everyone!!

But society would benefit greatly if government would recognize a Higher Power and particularly, if government would obey God's putative rules for humanity's behavior - the Ten Commandments.

A little prayer, before every Council session, reminding government employees to OBEY the Ten Commandments, would be greatly beneficial.

Maybe the Ten Commandments could be posted prominently in every government office, to remind the employees how to behave. Government violence would end. Government would live in peace with the rest of us.

Imagine: No more wars, (thou shalt not kill), no more taxes (thou shalt not steal), no more violations of property rights (thou shalt not covet),  just to mention three things.

If we ALL lived according to God's rules, government would exist for only those functions in which it actually provides a service that customers are willing to pay for.  Like General Motors, or Baskin Robbins, or Taco Bell.

Government would be so small that virtually none of us would ever encounter it.  Families and parents would be prompted to better govern themselves without the harassment and meddling oversight of the state.

Random acts of violence could be handled at the most local level, with community organizations meting out punishment.

I cast one big fat vote for Invocations at City Council meetings, but ONLY if the invocation will call for the appropriate corresponding behavior by the "authorities."

An invocation alone is empty - feel-good, self-righteous, showboating.  But if followed up with corresponding BEHAVIOR, it could change the world.

Don Hull