[Government Run Amock]


August 1, 2007

Dear Email Friends

Two more letters from the hundreds God's angels are sending us.


Marie Kolasinski

My Dearest Marie,

God willing this letter finds you and your fellowship in the best of health, spirits & in God's gracious hands.

Well, I see by all the Piecemakers mail & bibles around here that the Lord is working in this prison & in these women in a huge way. Although I'm sure you are overwhelmed by mail, it's overwhelming the love of God that you are inspiring. So many women are finally reading the Word of God, & your sermons. It's so moving to see a bible study on every bed.

I have been moved since the last time I wrote you, I'm now in the gym with 250 wonderful women. I've talked to several of them about getting our friends, families, & co-workers to help your cause. We are designing some Christian cards like you suggested to me & some women have put together songs.

Shortly you should be seeing women from here that I have talked to that want to help you and your cause. They will be down to see you and volunteer their time and whatever else they can. I'm doing all I can in here to help You. I'm trying to get the prison to lend us equipment to start doing some quilting so we can donate them to you. God is great and so are these women. By the time I get out (May 08)  I hope to have a whole army of God's women to come to Costa Mesa & join the cause.

Last time you wrote you spoke of Wendy and Donna, I have been with both and they are doing wonderful. I've talked with them too about getting their families and friends to spread the news and help your cause.

Thank you for your love and generosity. It will come back 10 fold to you.

Keep an eye out for my army. 

A sister in Christ

My dear Stefanie,

You are like the early disciples who brought in the new age 2000 years ago when Judaism ended. On fire - running with the gospel - a light to the world and the salt of the earth.  We are looking for a commissary to buy from to send you supplies. And of course goodies!! We will see about quilting supplies and patterns and instructions. God's love through you toward the women there is written in the heavens and others will follow your example.

So expect God to somehow materialize your vision of helping others. Not only in there but also out here. God bless you all


P.S.  Read about Joel's army in the Book of Joel. Your name is not Joel however you all sound like that beautiful, awesome, scary army.

Dear Marie,

Thank you so much for writing me and sending me so much positive stuff to read! It has been in my most recent prayers to somehow find a way to replace all of the negative intake of my daily routine! My daily intake of reading, television, conversation etc. is most often repetitive and negative, some days it seems as if it can suffocate me.

Truly and sincerely all of this is a breath of fresh air and a glimpse of hope.
In response to your questions, yes! I am ready to, and willing to work. What is it you would have me do?

I believe that only God has the power to change my life, there truly is no other way for me, I've been my own stumbling block & humbly ask to be taught how to change those stumbling blocks into stepping stones!

Thank you so much once again, I shall sit down and write my life story.

Sincerely Yours,


Wow John,

You get the picture!  "What must I do Lord?"  Question asked by Paul the apostle.  Well sweet John, first seek God and empty yourself of all you love more than Him,  then give up your will for His and lo, and behold He will make all things new.  It does not happen over night. The seed gets planted into your earth - you water it with my books of Life and the Bible and sharing and praising Him even when the ass hole deputies are your persecutors. Blessed are the afflicted.

So - work wise - we have a construction company. We're starting a handy man business etc. Our life is freedom to some and restriction to others. Like the book of Acts' early believers.

Time to get my hair done. Keep in touch. You may want to join us on our journey. 
Our love - His blessing -