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August 1, 2007

Dear Email Friends

What we do to the least of these brethren we do unto Christ.


Marie Kolasinski

To Piecemakers,                            7-28-07

I really don't know how to ask for help!  False pride has always been detrimental and negative in my life!  So now I'm asking!  My life has become unmanageable, I can't go any lower!  I'm alone here in jail with no family or friends!  I feel so depressed and the weight of reality so heavy!  Day after day, I sit here, just existing!  The sadness I feel, no man should ever experience!  Thousands of faces, and still all alone!  I need more than prayers, but prayers are exactly what I need!  I need your personal involvement and help & guidance to turn my life around and find God!  Because I must be lost now, or I wouldn't be here, having these feelings of despair and loneliness!  I'm trusting you know what I need!  (I guess that's faith) and will guide and help me on this road we all have to travel!  Our personal relationship with God as we understand Him!  Any and all help is much needed, and would be greatly appreciated!  I won't be able to write you back, because this is a borrowed stamp!   And if I don't hear back from you, I'll understand you're too busy!  I have no funds or outside help!  Thank you!

Respectfully Submitted


Dear Marie,

I wanted to thank you for your letter you'd sent me.  That was edifying.  Although things look grim I've got a lot to be thankful for.  I'm a young man about to turn 40 years old Thanksgiving day.  I know a lot of trades to offer.  I have all my tools I can hang drywall, paint, I'm a carpenter, roof, I can do electrical, landscape.  I'm good at what I do Marie.  My company logo is "One call Does it all"  So at the moment I don't have anywhere to reside upon my release which is in another 9 months.  I'll do whatever work or any of your homes or building if there's anything that needs fixed or upgraded.  Just for the time being I need a pen pal and perhaps if possible a little bit of $ put on my trust account each month.  I'll gladly return it seven fold, in work.  I'm ready to settle down and live life the way it was intended.  Thank you Marie for the papers and envelopes. That was very nice of you.  I'll not forget this!  I hope you keep in touch with me, or someone does for that matter.  It's refreshing to hear from someone on the outside world.   I'll be waiting to hear from someone.

Have An Awesome Day

Your Brother in Christ

Dear John of many talents,

You have a job; Piecemakers is also a construction business and we do everything from fixing faucets to building homes.  You will be an asset to us.  My name is Doug, I'm 53 years old and am one of about fifteen who keep their part of the company going.  Your logo "one call does it all" is ours also.

I was raised Pentecostal Methodist. My mom was Assembly of God and dad Wesleyan Methodist so we went to both. I really didn't hear the truth until I met Marie in 1974.  By that time, I had a big religious self-righteous demon.  I loved the truth and followed her not having a clue what would be required of me if I was to be changed into the likeness of Christ. At one point in my walk I left Piecemakers, for about two years. In my arrogance I thought I knew more than God. I wanted to stay in control of my life so I chose to follow the god of my imaginations thinking it would lead me somewhere else. It didn't and I realized there was no life outside of Piecemakers for me, no death of my old man taking place, and surely no resurrection.

I'll never forget the day that I came back. It was as if I had never left. The love that I felt from Marie and others was beyond my comprehension. I've been here ever since.  For the past thirty years. God has been lowering me into His body, tearing down the walls of pride that I'd built around myself. I had the privilege recently to do some time at Cal Trans working alongside those whom God loves - the ones He's chosen as the foundation of the new America. He showed me that I wasn't down low enough. I couldn't identify with them or their pain, their suffering, their humility. I thank God for these opportunities that come along that help to set me free from this prison of self.

Here at Piecemakers we live communally. We share homes, cars, burdens, etc. We have everything we need and then some. Those of us who are married live as we are not married. God showed me that the one I was married to was myself. My lust was never satisfied and I didn't have a clue of how disgusting and wrong it is to take license with or lord over another person and to get fed from another person's body. I look back on how I was as a husband and father and I'm ashamed. Only by the grace of God, and His people, was I able to let go of my wife and son. They weren't really mine anyway.

John, all of us at Piecemakers are standing with you as God unfolds His plan for your life. If you acknowledge Him in everything He will direct your path. Proverbs 3:6. We look forward to working with you and trust God will continue to watch over you there. Once you are released you can live in one of our houses.

A fellow prisoner in Christ,