[Government Run Amock]


Dear Email Friends,

  God's message from wlthin prison walls.


Marie Kolasinski


Dearest Piecemakers (Marie),

I want to thank you again for the Pamphlets. I received one Pamphlet on July 16 and another one on July 27.  So because I had already received one, I gave it to someone that has just as much interest in knowing God as I do.  So being able to pass it on to someone who was blessed to receive it was a blessing.  I also received a Bible thank you. and I want to thank Marie personally for taking the time out to write to me.  I have 8 months left to go and its a little scary.  I don't quite have a plan yet but believing in God and following His direction I'm sure He has a Plan for me.  I was also told that Piecemakers will also assist you in money in helping you with hygienes,  I am definitely in need of hygienes.  So if you could assist me in that, that would be great, and also a pen - pal.  I'm still working on my life story and I've dug deep into my past that its hard to continue sometimes, but it will be soon to be done and I'll forward it to you.  Again thanks for everything.



Dear Dana,

Marie did get your letter but with the hundreds of letters we receive each week she has asked us to help in answering them,  She has entrusted me to write to you.

My name is Doug and we all here at Piecemakers feel that we have met a sister in the Lord through your letters and we are honored to be a part of your life.  I've known Marie for over 30 years.  Before there was a Piecemakers we would gather together at her home, sometimes at the beach or a restaurant and fellowship one with another, hour after hour.  I couldn't get enough.  Marie would share the revelation that God had given her never holding anything back.  The truth that she spoke was nothing like I'd ever heard in all the years  of growing up in the organized church.  All the church had done for me was make me religious and self righteous - trying to look good on the outside not knowing how filthy I was on the inside.  I had created my own god - one of my own imaginations.  I didn't have a clue who God the Father was - the real God - the creator of you and me.  For about two years I left Piecemakers thinking I knew a better way.  I was wrong I really didn't have any  more of a choice of what spiritual family I was to be born into anymore than what natural family I was born into. I've never regretted coming back home.  This is where God meant for me to work out my salvation.

Since then He has been lowering me into His body - taking down my high places, my walls of pride arrogance my ways of thinking.  I look down on people thinking I'm better than they are.  When I'm foolish enough at time to think that I have arrived God will faithfully set up a circumstance to give me a good look at who I still am.  This happened to me while doing 30 days  of Cal Trans a few months back. I could not identify with the other men and women.  They were lower than me.  They had been stripped of their humanity, passions, money, family they'd lost everything yet they were kind to one another each watching out for the other.

God loves the lowly and the humble.  It was a privilege and an honor to work alongside those whom God is going to use to build the foundation of the new America.  God is with you and is unfolding His plan for you at this  very moment.  At just the right time, His time, you will know what He has called you for.  You will not spend one day more or one day less in prison than you are supposed to.

We look forward to seeing you one day.  We are blessed that you are blessed with Marie's Words of Life - and that you are sharing them with others.



Hello Maria,

As you can imagine, your name with the Piecemakers information is spreading like wildfire here amongst the women at CCWF I am very grateful to have gotten the word myself!  I am very much looking forward to receiving a Pen-pal, someone to talk to and hopefully develop a bond with being that I don't have healthy relationships', one that motivates or inspires a way of being just by conversing (the sharing).

Perhaps you can already assume I'm in this period of my life alone and am seeking a direction for myself to take upon my release (July 10, 2008) next year.  I don't wish to return to where I come from, anymore then I wish to continue doing what it is I seem to consistently do - at least up to now.  I've taken some steps towards change already.  With every step, choice, attitude I assume - also with the classes I'm taking.  All this is very commendable and does afford me some hope, however, I am finding myself very much alone. If you could find someone willing to correspond with me, I'd greatly appreciate it.  I do have to admit, I'm not a religious person -  I do have a personal belief and relationship with God that I am cultivating.  I'd like it to be more at a conscious level.  I don't want to dress it up with a lot of scripture - that seems to desensitize it somehow for me.  I don't know why I say that... I just think I'd be some how deceiving if I was less than honest with where I stand at this point - considering Piecemakers are religiously based as an organization (I think?).

I am grateful for this organization and I see how it is touching many women around me.  I am grateful for you  - to be able to send this letter to, expressing my hopes and desires.  I want to also say thanks, you've made it possible for women here to be touched, make a connection and "Believe" at a positive level.

Thank you

Hello Laura,

I read your heartfelt letter today and would like very much to be your pen - pal.  Your honesty did not go unnoticed and if God loves anything it's truthfulness.

Let me tell you a little about myself and my life if I may.  I'm 59 years old and I've been with Piecemakers for about 35 years now. Even though Piecemakers is a store where people come to shop and take classes we are much, much more.

I met Marie, our gentle shepherd about 35 years ago and little did I know that the truth I heard her speak would have such an impact on my life.  But an impact it did.

I thought I had been walking with God before I met her but I soon discovered what I had was a God of my imagination.  It's taken a long long time for all my layers of protection and deceit to be peeled off but they are coming off, slow but sure.  We are not a religious people.  Each and everyone of us loves God more than our own life and our commitment to Him and to each other is total.  He is very real and very personal.  Everyday He gives us opportunities to choose, life or death?  Sometimes these choices are as simple as what we choose to read, where we choose to go, whether we prefer ourselves over our brother or sister and sometimes the choices are more complex.  No matter, there is only one way for me and that is the way Jesus went.  Death to self, die a little everyday and more of Him becomes my portion.  His dying on that cross some 2 thousand years ago was a pattern we all can follow and it to will lead us into the resurrection.  Joy, peace and righteousness right inside our hearts.

Laura I know you feel you're all alone but the one thing you can count on is this:  "God is near you, even in your mouth"  Forgive me for using a scripture but it's true.  By for now, your new pen - pal in Christ.