[Government Run Amock]


Dear John,

The fact that you like to work is a gift from God.  God likes work and as we seek first His kingdom our works become His works.  That's what is happening here at Piecemakers.  We're up between 3:30 and 4:00 each morning.  We meet for breakfast at Piecemakers at 6:00 for about an hour.  We confess our sins one to another, read the letters from you and other, business stuff etc.  and never does a morning go by that Marie doesn't feed us full of words of life.  The truth that more and more each day is becoming reality in all of us.  On Saturday and Sunday we meet at 6:00 and walk in the field behind our houses, then eat breakfast in our homes.  We eat dinner at 6:00, also in our homes, and depending upon what each one's responsibilities are we'll finish the day doing such.  Some of us are in the Piecemakers band so we'll practice, some walk, others are preparing food for the next day, sorting mail, car repair, etc.

We are willingly allowing God to strip us of our flesh.  We are purposing to die out to ourselves - decreasing so that He increases letting go of everything that we are and everything that we have been taught and what we think we know.  We don't go to church -  we are the church.  We live communally (6-8 in each home).  There is no sex, drugs or alcohol.  If one feeds his flesh it will live and your spirit dies - feed your spirit and your flesh eventually dies.  It's hell getting out of hell to get to heaven which, by the way is right here on earth not some far off place up in the clouds.  I'd like to say that I've arrived - not yet. But, this is heaven and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  The only way that it works here is to be fully committed to follow Christ.  The biggest prison is ourselves. Our physical body is just a shell carrying our spiritual body around. It's just a vapor gone in an instant where as our inner man lives for eternity once again either in heaven or hell depending upon the choices that we make.

Use your time in jail wisely.  Seek God and ask for His help in letting go of fleshly desires and that your only desire be for Him. He demands that we become single - married only to Him- not to anything - not to anyone.  Only He will satisfy us - nothing else will no on else will.  Read Marie's "Words of Life" books.  They are the format for the new age which is upon us.

John, I know from whence I speak for I am a man - no different than you.

See you in heaven?