[Government Run Amock]


    Ms Harper:

    As a "professional" reporter, you will want to make sure you hear BOTH sides of a story before covering it. Right????

    At least, before you cover it AGAIN.

    I urge you to get your ass over to the Piecemakers' store TODAY. Meet Marie and the ladies and even HAVE LUNCH with them. They are GREAT COOKS. (And take your headline writer with you. "Sect leader" is inflammatory language which may appeal to your government overseers, but could also apply to The Pope.)

    But I will agree, the Piecemakers are anachronisms in today's American society.

    Unlike most Americans, they know the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and they love political FREEDOM, the freedom that has made it possible for America to become the most successful economy and civil society in the planet's history.

    And they know that this success was NOT built by GOVERNMENT, but by hardworking, God-fearing people producing what the marketplace wants to buy. (They are "religious" in the same sense as Thomas Jefferson or George Washington, who frequently invoked "God" in their speeches and writings.)

    The Piecemakers also know that 90% of what government is doing today, actually VIOLATES our Constitution, because government regulatory activities are actually acts of aggression against peaceful people. (There is no Constitutional authority for a government "health" department, for example. So why does it exist? Maybe you should research this stuff and not just blindly accept the "authority" of the whining functionaries in the OC government.)

    The Piecemakers have built a seven-figure business out of quilts and doilies, and have customers literally around the world. (They are a perfect example of a SUCCESSFUL SMALL BUSINESS and should be treated as such, not demonized as a wacko religious group, as your story as done.)

    They should be GLORIFIED as an example of what a small business can do. And that WOMEN can be successful in running their own business. Moreover, that SENIOR CITIZEN women can be successful. There is so much POSITIVITY about their success to promote that I can't help but wonder what the hell is wrong with the Orange County media that you all still ignore the Piecemakers, but instead, carry the water of the political class and the pipsqueak tyrants in the local bureaucracies!!!.

    Now to the nub of the problem: There's one thing the Piecemakers people refuse to do and this is what irritates the political class - they refuse to bow down and obey the piddly-ass rules of the health dept and the code enforcers which try to force them to spend thousands of dollars on worthless renovations just to obey the central planners. They refuse to knuckle under to stupid and arbitrary rules.

    They know full well that if their store is unclean or unappealing, the customers will take their business elsewhere. The fact that the Piecemakers is a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS is PROOF they are doing the right things because CUSTOMERS VOTE with their MONEY.

    The Piecemakers happily renovate and decorate their store to appeal to the CUSTOMERS. They don't need to be TOLD how to sweep the floor and which plumbing fixtures to install. And they resent it when inspectors show up with ARMED POLICE.

    But totalitarian-state politicians and bureau-rats rule by FORCE, by THREATS and by INTIMIDATION and they want all the rest of us to BOW DOWN to them when their jack-booted thugs come stomping onto the premises.

    The Piecemakers ladies believe that AMERICA means FREEDOM and that we all have the Constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Anyone who VIOLATES these rights, whether he be the next door neighbor or a government official, is unAmerican and not worthy of our trust.

    What America needs desperately nowadays is MORE business people like the Piecemakers. We need MORE people with the courage to resist the petty tyrannies of the Regulatory State.

    And we need more media writers with the courage to dig out the TRUTH instead of pass-on the handouts from a corrupt government.

    Don Hull
    Costa Mesa

    LAUGH OF THE DAY: Health Department "officers" claim "loss of reputation" because Piecemakers wrote unkind things in newsletter.

    Think of it! Government EMPLOYEES, the lowest form of life on the planet, people who live off STOLEN MONEY from hard-working taxpayers, say they've suffered a "loss of reputation." Now THAT'S funny!!!