[Government Run Amock]


    The following article which appeared in the Orange County Register, Jan. 21, 1998, pretty much sums up the outcome of our court battle. Pray for our country. Things will get much worse before we have our nation under God.


    Group ends battle over violations

    Courts: Three Piecemakers members receive probation and will make a quilt for an abused-children's home.

    Costa Mesa The Piecemakers have settled their dispute with the city over code violations that they once vowed to fight all the way to jail.

    "Sometimes God says go to battle and sometimes He says put the sword down," said Anne Sorensen, a member of the Piecemakers, a religious group and owners of a lucrative country store.

    Last week, the Piecemakers were still vowing to go to jail rather than succumb to what they consider oppressive laws.

    The city took the group to court for refusing to get permits to hold a crafts fair and the musical "Big River" in the parking lot of its Adams Avenue store.

    Piecemakers, a group of 40, said they were simply following instructions from God - and God's laws supersede man's.

    But the group had a change of heart Friday in a meeting with city attorneys and Judge Susanne Shaw.

    "It just seemed like God took a turn and we felt like we should just humble ourselves to make a peaceful settlement," said Piecemakers leader Marie Kolasinski, 76.

    The terms of the settlement require that Sorensen, Kolasinski and Piecemaker Steve Brenner be on probation for two years.

    They must also complete three days of community service. Shaw suggested they make a quilt for the children at Orangewood Home for Abused Children.

    "We feel it is an honor to make this quilt, not a punishment," Kolasinski said.

    They also agreed to pay $2,000 to cover the city's fees for special investigation services.

    Group leaders, who have been battling city and county officials on various issues for more than a decade, said they hope this begins a new chapter.

    By Lori Basheda


    We have come to acknowlege the Lord in all things from a quiet whisper to the obvious word. The same day this article came out we found in a book by Watchman Nee called A Table in the Wilderness this written confirmation from our Gracious Lord Jesus Christ.

    JANUARY 21

    Go not up, for the Lord is not among you; that ye be not smitten down before your enemies. Numbers 14:42

    There is always the serious possibility that God will change his mind. This fact should keep us in humble fear before him. For if there is something in us which resists His will, God may be compelled to modify his orders to us, as He did to Israel. It is true they acknowledged they had sinned, but they were wrong in thinking they could then proceed as though nothing had altered. It had. In such a situation it is folly to hold blindly on to something the Lord gave us twenty years ago--or even last year. We must live in today, and hold on to GOD.It is the present relatonship that is vital. Why, even Moses found his course redirected when he failed God. But bowing to God's present will he was blessed, whereas the Israelites who tried to ignore it met only disaster. Let me then be open to His adjustment. One day He will restore.

    Marie Kolasinski