[Government Run Amock]


    The following article which appeared in the Orange County Register, Jan. 21, 1998, pretty much sums up the outcome of our court battle. Pray for our country. Things will get much worse before we have our nation under God.


    Court Case January 2, 1998

    Your Honor,

    We stand before you today representing a cross section of our country. I am a housewife, a mother, a business woman, but most of all I am a citizen of the United States of America. Born free because of the courage and blood shed by our forefathers who founded this country under God so we all could enjoy liberty and justice for all. The same spirit of tyranny from which our forefathers so bravely fought to free our country has once more subtly crept into our government from the IRS in Washington to the local government we are now at odds with. Piecemakers is not on trial today. The judicial system of our country is on trial. We are, in the courts of law, considered criminals; not by the people of our fair city but by the governing body known as the city council. Let me give you a run down of the deeds of the group of people known as the Piecemakers. By the way, the court order reads "The People vs. Piecemakers". The people are not versus Piecemakers. The tyrannical government is versus Piecemakers. They were put in office to protect the people according to the power and guidelines given to them by the Constitution. They have way overstepped their boundaries and abused the power entrusted to them.

    From the time we, known as the Piecemakers, was born we were determined to serve the community to the best of our ability carrying out the will of God in our lives. He helped us establish a very unique store, school and wholesale business. We did all that was required to conform to the laws set down by the city. Only when the code enforcers became so arrogant and the codes so impossible to fulfill, did we begin to rebel against them. Our country is like a pot seething with anger over the oppression and burden put upon us, the working class who are paying your salaries, as we try to make a living against impossible odds. If it is not the IRS demanding (by gun point if they see fit) what they consider their share; it is the county health department with their impossible demands or the city officials who think the pay they get as salary is not enough for them to perform their duties they were hired to do but demand we now pay for permits - always and forever more money, more money until the working class of America is ready to either throw up their hands in despair or get guns and start fighting for their rights as our forefathers did.

    Any fool can write a code, but the Constitution was written by men directed by God. These men risked their lives and risked losing all they owned as they set up a document to protect us against thugs such as our bureaucrats of today.

    Your Honor, you have before you enough legal evidence to drop this case. The decision that you make will determine how God judges not only our city, but our country.


    Marie Kolasinski