[Government Run Amock]


    April 2, 2003

    Dear Tom and fellow firefighters,

    I write this with much anguish in my heart as there is nothing I enjoy more than peace with my fellow man.

    Let me tell you a little of where I come from; my fears for my country and my dilemma of whether or not I should bow down to the image; the same image Daniel refused to bow down to. For it was God who gave us the pattern for our store and our community life. In obedience to him it is our duty to keep it unencumbered by laws rather than common sense or his will for it. We need no law to separate church and state. The Holy Spirit expects us to make some stands for righteousness. This, (God's righteousness) is a foreign element in America. Evidenced by the many laws trying to straighten things out. God's righteousness is a plumbline by which we can measure right from wrong; good from evil.

    I was raised in a house on a farm in Wisconsin. We had kerosene and Aladdin lamps and a coal burning stove. We had no codes, no inspections, no laws that kept us in line or "protected" us. We had God and common sense and the freedom to work for an honest living without no interferences. Did houses burn down? Perhaps as many as burn today but we learned from our mistakes. We were held accountable for our actions; also a foreign element in America. We are so busy trying to keep the law, we fail to do the sensible thing.

    I have watched America's freedom slip slowly through our fingers like sand - all under the guise of a government (idiot lawmakers) supposing to help the working class and make for a better America. America is the best country to live in - not because of the government, but because God's light is still shining from the blood, sweat, tears, faith and hard work of our forefathers.

    I watched the Pasadena Fire Department burn to the ground with all the coded equipment surrounding them.

    I watched recently as two coded night clubs recently burned to the ground.

    Permitted Jack-in-the-Box customers got food poisoning. Permits, they lie to the people will prevent such things from happening.

    I could go on and on to try to convince you that contrary to our government's belief, they are not God. Accidents happen, the world suffers, people are born, suffer and die. That is life.

    Our one hope is God's mercy and the mercy we may have toward one another as we all journey through this valley of tears.

    Let me ask you a question. Are you aware that every time you walk into a place of business and demand your stupid codes be carried out, you are taking from us our ability to think for ourselves and taking also any incentive to continue to work?

    Please spare me the old worn out rhetoric, "We are just protecting your customers". Our customers feel the same way about any branch of government as we do. I have yet to talk to any business man or woman that does not look upon any city official with disdain. However most are too afraid to do any thing about it.

    The bully behind the sweet Christian face of democracy will soon be exposed. Pray you are not part of it.

    A warning - unless this bully is brought down from its arrogance we are headed for a country worse than any third world country. Perhaps, God willing, we will awaken and see the monster we have created and be courageous enough to do something about it. Perhaps in our crises hour we will cry out to God who has been watching and waiting for us to ask for help and then in turn, help one another.

    If we as a small community prey on one another with our snitching, our laws, codes and extortion, how can we expect our nation to do otherwise?

    You all are called to fight fires of which you do an excellent job. Please allow us to do what we are called to do and let the people we service be our checks and balances. Perhaps if you back off with your Gestapo tactics business people will call for your advice.

    What we have done, the way we think has gotten us into this big mess with the world hating us, our own people disillusioned and paranoid, our economy on the verge of collapse. Let us try the old fashioned way - do unto others as if you were walking in their shoes.

    I pray you forgive me for my brashness and I will forgive you for the pain in my gut caused by Steve and present even as I write.

    God have mercy on us all.

    Marie Kolasinski