[Government Run Amock]


    Letter to the Editor The Orange County Register

    Dear Editor,

    If I were a stranger looking for a city in Southern California in which to make my home, the last city I would choose is Costa Mesa. The ramps off the freeways are filled with refuse while other cities welcome you with trees and flowers.

    Most of residents are anal, living in their anal little worlds, whining about their vehicles being spotted by tree droppings, whining over the squirrels, the crows, the coyotes, the messy birds, whining over the branches touching their roofs and dropping leaves.

    All the trees have a Mohawk haircut so you see a big log rather than the beautiful foliage. The Park's Commission plants trees and waters the path, pulling up trees planted and plant more and more.

    The canal running through Mesa Verde is laden with refuse and stagnant water, and rather than cleaning it and running water through it they leave the refuse and spray it with bird killing insecticide. We have laws that bind rather than protect. Can you imagine the law telling you when to paint your house and then taxing you more for upgrading it?

    I find it interesting - all God-given beauty is prohibited or blighted, and man's ugly creation stands out like a beacon of our intelligent ignorance.

    Why am I here? I keep asking God the same question.

Marie Kolasinski