[Government Run Amock]


    Letter to the Mayor of Costa Mesa

    Dear Gary,

    I know you know our elected officials are our servants. I said "servants", not dictators. So - assuming this is true - and assuming you are the most humble servant - therefore being an authority; I request, as your employer - you do the following:
      1. Go look at the sewer (canal) running through Fairview Park: then have your lazy good-for-shit council members get off their pretty little asses and clean it - and have your heroic firefighters turn on the water and make for a little clean river fit for the birds and animals who deserve more than our good-for-nothing city employees.

      2. For the love of Christ give Fairview Park back to the kids and the people. Remove your nasty little "I want to help you" signs and let your precious little cultivated weeds go back to the wild flowers, bamboo we once had.
    Your most humble servant,


    P.S. This is for starters.