[Government Run Amock]


    Letter to the Editor

    July 1, 2002

    Dear Editor,

    Last evening as I took my daily stroll through Fairview Park I marveled at its simple beauty. The sun was low on the horizon; the ocean breeze sent a slight chill that made one quicken one's step. The bikes were jumping hills with paths perfectly constructed from their continuous use. In another area the hills were worn bare from the squealing little cars remotely driven by gleeful young folks.

    As we strolled along paths made by those of us who have trodden the hills for years, the rabbits, large and small, scampered across our path. Whippoorwills sang their doleful songs; the coyote's howl let us know that the area was teeming with a well balanced animal life.

    What is the the thinking of the City Council to presume they can, with their "Master Plan", improve on what is there? After a night of fifty of us pleading our case that Fairview Park needs no improvement, the city council only proved that democracy has failed as badly as communism. The word "Master plan" used repeatedly by Libby Cowan sent chills up my spine as it brought to mind another who had a "Master Plan" and carried it out against the vote of the majority.

    I say to the city employees, for the love God and country, let those of us who work for a living and pay your salaries see the desire of the people come to pass.

    Consider the residents on Canary Court. The value of the property will surely diminish with increased traffic. Consider the money it will cost to keep up a man-made park. Consider the destruction of what is already so perfectly formed by God. I suggest you take your "Master Plan" and make it an unfulfilled desire of a power hungry few by trashing it.


    Marie Kolasinski

    (Sent to the Daily Pilot, Register, City Council and Mayor Dixon)