[Government Run Amock]


    Letter to the Editor

    August 19, 2002

    Dear Editor,

    When Jesus said, "Woe unto you fools and hypocrites, you do not discern the sign of the times," He surely referred to the likes of the Daily Pilot editor who is too chicken to sign his name.

    It is truth that sets people free. It is truth that prepares people for coming disasters!

    His ignorance is very evident as he appears to think the government and the employees are separate entities. He reminds me of the man who joined the Lion's Club thinking he would become a lion.

    I find it very interesting the editor uses his protection under the freedom of speech amendment to libel the Piecemakers who serve God and the community but somehow he thinks "we the People" who pay the government employees' salary have no rights under the freedom of speech amendment.

    As God shakes America and we become destitute of God's blessings, I pray we have editors who will carry the truth to a sick and dying nation. People who hate the truth should not be editors of any newspaper. By the way, Mr. Ed., God always has the last word. Only a ignorant imbecile would think otherwise.

    Marie Kolasinski
    (Sent to the Daily Pilot)