[Government Run Amock]


    Letter to the Homeland Security Department

    February 2005

    To whom this may concern:
    I am writing this in reference to a letter from the "homeland security department" and the so-called damages caused by my company called Piecemakers. This edict states that Piecemakers failed to deliver imported goods to the CES for exam. This edict should have stated that the imported goods had already been examined and passed but was singled out for a second exam to prove the first exam was done correctly. All at our expense, of course.

    Now, this is the way we peons who pay your salary run our business. We would let the first examiners know if they did not do their job right they would be fired. Of course, I do not have a till to dip into as do you government thieves.

    So to get to the meat of this letter. You say the damages cost $6,102. Now the word "damage" is an odd word to use for my picking up my imported goods that have already been checked and bringing them to my place of business. Who or what has been damaged, pray tell me???

    I have no money to pay for your stupidity as I have just paid my income tax, my city license tax, my house tax, my real estate tax, my driver's license tax, my elevator state fine so please give me a jail sentence so I can be taken care of by the taxpayers like the rest of you government leeches.

    The fact that Bush is the scariest dictator since Hitler, who blatantly and brutally did what our present regime is slowly and sweetly doing, giving us the old "I'm doing this for your good" bullshit, is outrageous; but the scarier thing is the American people who are patriotic to a dictatorship and thinking they are patriotic to a "God fearing America". That, my friend, is scary.

    Somehow I do not feel more secure at the airport when I have a strange creepy man feeling me up and down, having me undress and sticking a poker where it shouldn't be and slimily whispering, "I'm doing this for the good of "the good ole U.S.A".

    For some strange reason I do not feel more secure when the state elevator inspector comes into my place of business and steals part of the elevator used by the handicapped and runs out of the store leaving his threat on a table.

    Maybe, I'm weird, but I get a bit queasy in my stomach when I hear that we are the only country that can be trusted with the atom bomb.

    And considering that the leader of our country considers himself a Christian, what has happened to the scriptures that have guided our country along the way such as, "It is not by might nor by power but by My Spirit that I will topple governments and dictators", and if we as a nation will humble ourselves the Spirit will have us set the example for other nations to follow and heal not only our sick land but theirs, also. Or perhaps, "Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you."

    So, my dear Robert P. Thietty whose type-written signature is on my letter but signed by a Joanne Shcu--- something or other - I cannot read her writing, please leave me alone. You and all of my other employees at the CES, INS, IRS, or whatever, are fired. Go out and get a real job.

    Marie Kolasinski