[Government Run Amock]


    January 8, 2003

    Dear Editor,

    The one sentence in Alan Bock's article on the "A year for vigilance" that tainted his whole message is the sentence that suggested we are headed toward a police state. If Alan Bock does not see that we are already living in a police state and have been for years, we are a nation most deceived, as I consider Alan Bock to have above average vision.

    Let me give you a rundown of a week in a small business. Monday morning: In marches a state inspector - no appointment like other people who take our time to sell their wares. He has come to inspect our warehouse because some snitch said they smelled an emission coming from it. I tell him to give me the name of the snitch and I will take him through and take care of his "concern". He refuses. Says it is against the law. The law encourages snitching. When I told him to leave and not come back he politely left and I assumed the matter was dropped. Not so. Two weeks later six state gestapos appear with a warrant given by a judge who has no idea what is going on, accompanied by six Costa Mesa police - guns on sides. They barge past the girl at the door pushing her aside, hound dog it through the warehouse, find nothing and leave. No "Excuse me, the snitch was just that - a snitch busybody", no "Thank you for your time." They walk out like they came in - two-stepping like the German gestapo. Let me ask you - are those the actions of a police state???

    Tuesday morning another state inspector comes in - no appointment. He is here to inspect the elevator. I tell him we already have elevator service and they know more than he does about an elevator and to please remove his unwanted body from our store. He leaves politely and I go about my work thinking all is settled. Not so!! A week later the same man appears again - no appointment - this time with a policeman - gun in tow. I'm seething but do not want the poor police to shoot me for he is "just doing his job". So Mr. State Gestapo goes and inspects our elevator which is in perfect running condition. After they leave we go to use the elevator and, lo and behold, the elevator does not work. We call in our service man and he not only finds the panel tampered with, which costs us close to $1000, but he has an edict of new laws passed by Davis that only can be adhered to if one lies and cheats. Of course, that is what our government is all about anyway - a bunch of liars and cheaters who pass it along to all of us clones. Perhaps Bock would call this, "just doing their job".

    Wednesday morning: I am in the kitchen baking apple pie. What else - I am as American as apple pie and cheese. The door bell rings. I can see through the curtain it is someone in uniform. Knowing I have no one at the present time in a war, I just assume it is the police and I am in big trouble. Wow! It is not the Costa Mesa police but, you guessed it, State Troopers, guns and all, and they are ready to take me away because I wrote a letter to the DMV telling them how pointless and idiotic the written tests are, that I have been driving tractors, trucks, model "T" Fords before they were born and I'll be damned if I can pass one of their written tests. Then I add in my letter that it would do a service to our state if someone blew up the building for starters. At the time I did not know God had the same thought in mind when He saw the corruption symbolized by the World Trade Center. Only those not touched by our government as yet do not realize the frightening condition of our nation.

    I will not bore you with the lawsuits against us by the city and county. My faith has made me strong through all of this. I know that the God who started America will finish it and bring us back under His protective covering. However, it will take only God's faith to rid us of a predator worse than Hitler. Worse than Hitler because its face is Christian and the deceit is "I am doing this to protect you". With Alan Bock, the warning, "Be vigilant and sober for the devil is going about deceiving even the elect if possible," should be taken to heart by all thinking Americans.


    Marie Kolasinski