[Government Run Amock]


    Letter to Wayne Shurtz at the OC Health Department

    September 15, 1999

    Dear Wayne,

    I'm taking time out of a busy day to write to you because I sense some streak of common decency and sense in you.

    We want off your mailing list!

    I could end the letter here but lest you do not understand or perhaps want to close your eyes to what is really happening in Orange County, let me remind you.

    One little spark will kindle a fire that will put an end to your job, your retirement and definitely your reputation.

    The same spirit that destroyed innocent people at Waco seems to pervade every "big shot" government employee.

    Where do you get the money to pay your monthly bills? Is it not from our hard work? How do you think the restaurant owners get money to meet their bills sent by you? ...Not by some monthly pay check like you get, but by sweat, worry and tears, hoping customers continue to come in.

    One more point to ponder: If you would stop playing God and let the people decide whether or not the restaurant is clean, we as Americans might start using our God-given brains once more.

    You know I have a love for you - God only knows why; I surely do not.


    P.S. No more letters please!!