[Government Run Amock]


Final Letter to State

    "Division of Occupational Safety and Health"

    April 20, 2005

    My Dear Little Children,

    It is the last hour and God is humbling all of us so we become one. (John 17)

    Your position as God's servants is indeed an awesome one for He expects you to serve and not lord it over His precious seed.

    Now, if we as citizens of His household find trash in our yard, we deal with it. We do not call our customers who keep food on our table and tell them to remove it.

    If we as a memeber of one body are supported by other members who keep the body healthy are we not called to cherish and nurture these members?

    Therefore, my dear brother in Christ, I suggest you dig in your pocket and have said debris removed from your premises and thank whoever belongs to debris for making you aware of your lording over rather than serving His people.


    Note to our Readers: The letter above was written to DOSH after repeated, unsuccessful attempts (via letters and phone calls) by Piecemakers to retrieve the elevator parts stolen by the State inspector when he came to "inspect" our elevator.

    The elevator was no good to us without the parts they had taken, and though we tried other means to repair it, we found that DOSH has sufficiently terrorized every elevator repair service in Southern California so that no help could be found.

    When we called the maker of our elevator, in Chicago, they laughed (ruefully) and said that California is the worst state in the nation for elevator rules and regulations, and they hate working with this state. They tried to help us but were unable.

    Finally, we said, "Enough," and mysteriously our elevator appeared at the back door of their State office in Anaheim.