[Government Run Amock]


    Attention to All Heavily Laden Taxpayers

    Dear Editor,

    On November 9, 2001, I saw terrorism in action. Not in New York, not in Afghanistan, but right here in Costa Mesa!

    Taxpayers, let me give you an example of how your tax dollars are being spent. Last Friday in Costa Mesa, we had what was called by the Costa Mesa Police Dept. an exercise in "crosswalk safety."

    There was an undercover cop posed as a pedestrian continuously walking back and forth in a crosswalk. This so called "pedestrian" crossed the street so many times while I was there, he could have caused many serious accidents. And who would be to blame? Of course, the driver. During the entrapment period there were 6 to 8 motorcycle police plus a few police vehicles on the side waiting to swoop down on these drivers.

    What is really scary is to see a repeat of Nazi Germany again. When I asked about what was going on to the pedestrian walking back and forth he just pointed and said, "Talk to my sergeant." I asked him several questions and each time I got the same response. Since I was video taping with a friend what was going on, his superior tried to get me to go back along the side of the buildings so we could "talk". I told him I wanted to talk right there on the sidewalk. Then the lieutenant in charge biked up and told me to stop filming because I was "interfering with an investigation." I asked him what investigation and he would not tell me. He repeated to me to turn the video off. At this point this lieutenant, no further than one foot from my face, threatened me for "interfering in this investigation and it was against federal law, and that if I didn't turn it off I would be taken in." He was verbally trying to intimidate me. Why should they fear my videoing if all they are doing is an exercise?

    If these are supposed to be our public servants I fear for our city and this country. What was out there that day was a bunch of overgrown bullies flexing their muscles over others. All that was missing were the swastikas.

    Let me ask you taxpayers some questions. How much of your hard earned money was spent on this charade for our safety? If that entrapment which lasted three hours made the crosswalk safe, what about the crosswalk now? Is it safer than yesterday? Will they be our "saviors" at all our crosswalks? Would it not save the taxpayers money if only one officer were posted at that crosswalk, thus shepherding the people rather than bullying?

    Let me ask you police officers and city officials this question. Did it ever occur to you that these people you pulled over that pay your salary (which the citizens never hired in the first place) do not have $250.00 to shell out so you can carry out your sting operation? And the cars you stole are vehicles that take people to work so they can pay your salary?

    The Great Judge, who judges all of us equally, is about to move on Costa Mesa and make straight the crooked deeds of our Gestapo government. You use your bullying tactics to scare the people with jail and fines, but the big Judge is watching!


    John Ready