[Government Run Amock]


    A Letter to the Orange County Assessor's Office

    Below is a letter written by one of the Piecemakers to the Orange County Assessor's Office, accompanying a formal protest of the 2001 assessment on his property. In case you haven't noticed, the county assessor has taken the liberty to assess our homes for values we cannot even come close to selling them for. We are asking the basic questions: 1) What right does any government office have to implement taxation without representation, and 2) What right does the Orange County Assessor's office have to tax our property for more than we bought it for?

    October 29, 2001


    Checking over the continual increase in the taxes on our property, I pray I speak for every homeowner in Orange County.

    You, the employees of the residents of Orange County, take license in breaking one of our fore-ordained laws forbidding "Taxation without Representation". You who so boldly put your hands in our pockets and take our money - are you foreigners? If so, go back to your country from which you came. If you are the offspring of our forefathers, shame on you for being part and parcel to the very principle your forefathers shed their blood to rid us of.

    I demand you tax these houses for no more than purchase price. That, my peon employee, is your duty. Any taxation is robbery, but to tax any property for more than the purchase price is a crime and our God is watching and sees all.


    Jim Merklinger