[Government Run Amock]


    To the Editor:

    City Council's Latest Attempt To Institutionalize Residents Of Costa Mesa

    I wonder how many years Germany was warned before Hitler struck. Let me quote from a little love letter sent to all city residents from "your city council". "The overall appearance and maintenance of the city's buildings, structures, and landscaping, are a key concern of the city council and community."

    Let me tell you the truth behind that lie.

    Number 1: Folks, we are the city, we are the community. Why does everyone always refer to the kings and queens sitting on their little thrones at city hall as "the city"?

    Number 2: Our city council could give a damn about the maintenance of our city. We have pictures to prove that the trash on the off ramp of 405 that welcomes people into "goat hill" makes Costa Mesa live up to its original name. The trash in Fairview Park, the running over curbs with heavy equipment, the lack of care to the city "developed" part of Fairview Park, the cutting down and trimming of trees needlessly, the spending of our tax dollars as if our pocketbooks are wells that never run dry, tax dollars spent on insidious rats such as code enforcement officers (the very term smells of the swastika) when they could be spent on repairing our streets and maintaining our schools. These are just a few of the quote "deep concern the city council has for Costa Mesa".

    Sunday, September 10th - mind you, it was about 8:00 o'clock Sunday morning we were walking in Fairview Park by what I call Talbert Cemetery and there was a spanking new flatbed truck with two well paid employees sitting in the truck doing nothing. I am sure they get double time for working on Sunday. They were doing nothing. We did not hire them, nor I hear, do we have the right to fire them. When they saw us take a picture, they started the truck and drove to another part of the park and sat there - two duds, paid for doing nothing. So much for the city caring where our tax dollar goes.

    I am appalled at the bold audacity of the roaches' encroachment on our right to freedom. With this new edict going out, let me warn the people of Costa Mesa. They, not we, have given themselves the right to tell you how to landscape, how to use your garage, when to paint your house, and have a sign code now that could put an end to garage sales, etc. etc. Trust me, unless we put a stop to this bullshit, they will be in our houses next - telling us when we can eat, what we can eat and when we can go to the bathroom.

    History is meant to teach us a lesson, so the Bible says. We have a perfect example of a country that was so evil it took the whole world, many lives and a debt we are still paying to rid the world of an insidious disease called government. Is America going the same way? Get the video "The Last Days" and notice how, little by little, the laws swallowed up the country. In 1942 religion had made the Jews just as apathetic as we are today. Will we have to go the way of the ovens, or will we rise up and put the enemy in the oven????

    I suggest we get out the Raid and rid ourselves of this unnecessary pest. We need a city council like a dog needs fleas. Let us get up a city ballot and vote out the Nazis. I also suggest that all whiners and complainers be sent to Siberia.