[Government Run Amock]


    My dear Fire Marshal,

    Well, September is right around the corner and your inspectors will be marching through our front doors once again.

    Please do not take this letter as a lack of respect for all of you as God's creation.

    However, there are a few things I would like to bring to your consideration. Always remember, you are the employee of the people you serve. I said "serve", not lord it over. We pay your salary so we should have some say in what you do to serve us. The codes you follow have been made up by some nit-wit paper shufflers. You should know this by watching other government offices.

    Now, please, for the love of Christ, send someone in our store with common sense, that is if you can find one. Common sense is a rare commodity in America. We have code books so we do not need common sense.

    Now we have a few codes of our own that we would like you to abide by:

    We will get new fire extinguishers - (which, by the way we do not need, but your codes demand it). Remember all of this costs the working class money they could spend on just staying in business. We are about to see the collapse of alot of businesses due to the blood sucking government.

    We will get two for the store down stairs, two for the upstairs. We will get two for the downstairs village, one for upstairs - and one for the sewing room. If we were to get the old serviced that would cost us $400, so we will buy new ones and waste about 15 fire extinguishes we have on hand.

    I understand that your counsel is "call 911 if you have a fire" - that makes the extinguishers really not needed. It is the last thing I would use if I should be unfortunate enough to have a fire.

    As to put in unneeded plugs and all the other bright ideas your cohorts may have - please keep your advice on how to run our business to us and we will let the people and God be our judge.

    By the way God is watching and our government is proving itself so corrupt, communism looks like a bright shining star and we all know what happened to communism. Each person and business will be judged - did we serve as Christ served the people or did we lord it over the people as did Hitler or Ceasar? Will anything of democracy survive the breath of God's judgments blowing on our country? I think not.

    Respectfully yours,

    Marie Kolasinski
    Piecemakers Country Store