The media continues to call Piecemakers anti-goverment so Piecemakers sent the following letter to Costa Mesa's local newspaper, The Daily Pilot, to set the record straight.

    Children, Do You Want Your Freedom?

    We, the Piecemakers, are not anti-goverment as the editor stated. We are pro constitutional government with laws that protect the people rather than bind them. We are pro people taking responsibility for their own words and actions with the governments resting on our shoulders. We are pro freedom for all men with no man ruling over or owning another. We are pro serving our fellowman rather than ruling over him. We are pro considering the welfare of our fellowman more important than our own welfare. We are pro working for a living, thereby contributing to the needs of the community. Above all we are pro God, giving our Creator all the honor and obedience He deserves. We believe as Thomas Jefferson once said, "I tremble for my country when I realize God is a just God."

    America should hang its head in shame for what we have done to the black race. We should hang our heads in shame when we see how we have turned our backs on God, the founder of our country and have instead gone a-whoring after money, power and knowledge, making them our gods. We should hang our heads in shame when we blame our murderous hearts on guns, and then attempt to take away our constitutional rights to have guns. At the same time our missiles are flying in our futile attempt to stop civil wars, thus killing innocent men, women and children.- all under the guise of the do-gooder. Consider this - what if some foreign country had attempted to "help" us during our civil war???? Dear friends, shame on us for our complacency to the fact that we have all been taken prisoner by a government as ruthless as communism. The America that was vigorous and ambitious and alive with ideas is waning and dying and we, like Nero, are fiddling while America dies.

    We are waking up too late. Our judgment is at the door, severe and just.

    Marie Kolasinski