What I Would Do If I Were Governor of California

    There is much talk and complaining about the horrendous mess we have made of our country - how the abuse of democracy and the constitution have led us to become known as "the evil empire" - but nobody has given some concrete, sensible avenues to take to lead our country back to the humble, respected nation we once were.

    When the seeds that formed our nation were planted, the enemy planted tares, also. The tares and the good seed have grown together and it is our job to separate the tares from the fruit of the seed planted. Do we have the sensibility to separate the tares from the good seed??? Harvest time is always an exciting time as it is the time for the fruit of our labors to come forth.

    Here is what I would do if I were governor of California. First off I would not presume I had any solution as to the untangling of the web of deceit and paranoia we have woven. I would sincerely pray to the God who founded our great nation, knowing that "what is impossible with man is possible with God". And then beseech him to temper his wrath with mercy.

    Then I would take action: all superfluous fat would be cut immediately. All paper shufflers would be fired with a fair severance pay and no pension. Secondly, I would get rid of all the blood sucking tares called inspectors. Each business would be responsible for its success or lack of it. How they served the community would be evident by their success. This burden off the people would open up new creativity that has been stifled by the stupid codes made up by the enemy of our country. No permits would be needed to open a business. Money saved and hard labor mixed with faith is all the permit one needs.

    California would give no money for grants. All grants would come from the private sector. This would do away with the millions spent on foolish research such as "the sex life of the ant" or "the cure for aids". All federal aid to the state would be cut off and all responsibility to the federal government would be cut off. This would take away the heavy tax load and would excite the people into giving money where it does good for the community.

    For the few government jobs left, the pay would be less than the private sector as they do less than the working class.

    We would have no people elected to go to Washington to represent the state of California. States would be known for their productivity and the spirit of graciousness that rules over it.

    All needless laws would be immediately rescinded. With fewer laws we would have fewer lawbreakers. With fewer laws we would get rid of the police force as we know it today. The cop that walks the beat and knows the community would be the norm. The attitude of the police would change from creating fear to one of a protector.

    Anyone suing another would pay all court cost and attorney fees of the one being sued. Frivolous lawsuits would be done away with and any judge not judging with God's righteousness would be fired with no pension. All government pensions would be cut back to social security level. And all security guards for government workers would fired. Can you imagine one personÕs life being more valuable than another? That, my dear friends, is the height of arrogance.

    There would be no state prisons. Prisons would be local; a place for rehabilitation and not punishment.

    All welfare victims would be taken care of by the church. Anyone would be allowed to take up residence in this country only if willing to work. After working for three years citizenship would be automatic.

    This would be a good start to getting America back to its grass roots. And oh, yes, I would do away with the idea of a governor of the state. All governments would be local. No county government, no city government. Just church, school and village.

    Am I an idealist??? I think not. The man-made monster called democracy was built by idealists such as was Lenin. My proposal would form many realistic communities of God-fearing citizens who together would form our great nation called America.

    Marie Kolasinski