[Government Run Amock]


    Except Ye Repent

    Concerning the tragedy in Littleton, Colorado, Oklahoma City, the 9/11 happening, and other warnings to America that God is speaking to His people, let us use the only document fit to use to straighten out a sick society ... the Bible. No laws, no crying, no praying, no going to church will alter or change God's wrath toward a Godless country. Only repentance, deep and real, and a willingness to be cleansed by His blood and become His will in the earth will appease an angry God.

    When the people asked Jesus about the atrocities of Pilate and what sin would cause the people to have to suffer so, Jesus made it very clear that their suffering was because of a lack of repentance and turning their life over to God. He warned that unless we repent, we will all go the way of Littleon, Oklahoma and Kosovo. (Luke 31:1-5)

    We are a phony, religious, arrogant nation. Don't blame Bush for our stupid leadership. He is only a reflection of our own sickness. Christ's blood is the only true ethnic cleanser. That means we trade our blood for His through suffering and repentance.

    We go to dead churches to appease our conscience and think we are fooling God. The pastors, not a one, have a clue of the awesome terribleness of God and His wrath. They are the blind leading the blind. Shortly we will see great chaos among the phony churches as God awakens the people from their sleep and they see how they have been duped.

    Democracy, a restraining force right now, will fall as will all the governments. Each person then will have to answer to God for what his heart contains, for out of the issues of the heart come either evil deeds or deeds with no selfish motives.

    Our choices we have to make have been narrowed down to two; either repent and come unto God, or perish.


    Marie Kolasinski