[Government Run Amock]


    Our Goal

    1.     To free every Orange County restaurant from the Orange County Health Department. Ultimately to close the health department and save the taxpayers millions of dollars and the restaurant owners many sleepless nights and nervous breakdowns. The people should have the responsibility of judging whether or not the restaurant is sanitary. The kitchen in every restaurant should be at all times open for inspection by the people eating at said restaurant. Permits do not make for cleanliness. Government control takes away all incentive to follow oneÕs own conscience and common sense to run one's own business.

    2.     To free America from capitalism. To rid this country of the unreasonableness of codes made up by unscrupulous men and women and return us to the laws of the Constitution and the Bible.

    3.     To turn the people's hearts back to the God of truth and righteousness, to the God Who founded this country. To God, our Father and the Creator of all mankind.

    God has promised to go with us on our journey as we purpose to set this country free from a monster who is a liar and a murderer, who is the power behind all the governments of the world.

    This monster is a whore. A whore, according to Webster's Dictionary is "One who sacrifices principles and what is right for personal gain". Now that pretty much describes the human race. We are all classified as a whore until the test comes. Will we side with truth and what is right and just, or will we side with the evil in man as he uses codes and power to murder the working class of America? Remember, we are the ones feeding the whore and giving it life to continue to suck the life blood out of us and our businesses.

    Now is decision time. Will you be on the Lord's side in fighting for our freedom? Or do you feel you have too much to lose? Or, are you still in denial and under the deception that we need all the codes and laws over us??

    Marie Kolasinski