[Government Run Amock]

Leeches and Dragons

    This is a wake-up call to awaken you to righteousness. A message always precedes the opening of the eyes of ones understanding. If you do not understand this message or believe it, trust me, you shortly will, and then you will wish you were back asleep.
    We are about to see America enter into the greatest disaster the world has yet seen. It will be the finest hour for those who have a heart for righteousness but sheer panic for the crooked and deceitful.

    If our forefathers were alive today to see what we are allowing our government to do to us they would take their guns and shoot us - shoot us as traitors to the America they shed their blood to establish. We are allowing the church and government to leech off us and our businesses until we have become "whited sepulchres full of dead man's bones". Let me explain something to you. If there is a shred of righteousness in you, you will tremble for your country.

    Every business in America is a living entity born out of an idea given to a person from God, then the life blood, sweat, tears and hard work and money of the one who births it. It is a life giving spirit continually serving the community. If it fails to serve, it soon dies.
    The government is a leech and can only live if it takes life from the businesses and the people. In the Bible it is called "Babylon".

    If the church was really born of God to become a life giving spirit, the government would be the people, with no rulers. However, the church is also a leech sapping the life blood of the people, taking their money for a gospel that leads them nowhere - gospels that do not lead them to the source of all life - our Father, the true Father of our country. In the Bible it is also called a whore - Babylon. The gates of hell now holding the church because of false leaders will not prevail against it because a new breed of leaders is arising with righteousness shining from their hearts. And God's righteousness will convict the world of hidden sin.

    Christ's message was and is as drastic and severe as the spirit that moved on the people to come to this country. That idea became their priority, not their jobs or their families. The same is true of the people who fought for eight years in the Revolutionary War. Freedom at any cost!!!!!

    We have a bunch of noodles more corrupt than the king of England leading our churches and our government.

    If you are thinking, "How will I react when Caesar is here," you are definitely one of the noodles, as he has been here for years, slowly, subtly and cleverly tightening the noose around the neck of the country - and the people sleep on, resting in the facade of "good times".

    What a time to give our all and die if we must to gain back what our forefathers so bravely fought for. Can we do less, I ask you???

    Marie Kolasinski