[Government Run Amock]

Some "What If's"

JUST WHAT IF - The car manufacturers had a choice of putting in air bags and seat belts according to the demands of the public rather than under the laws of some do-gooder playing God. Remember, laws are always made by people who could give a damn about the welfare of the people, but make it sound as if they are the saviors of the human race.

JUST WHAT IF - We got rid of all the security around our so-called infallibles, like presidents and families who think their lives are more precious than the people who pay their salaries.

JUST WHAT IF - The American people woke up to the fact that the government employees are their employees and they are the employers. Isn't it odd that we cannot fire our employees if they do not do their job or that we are never asked if they should get a raise in salary? They are given one using our money, without our consent!!!

JUST WHAT IF - Judges were held accountable to judge according to their commitment to their conscience of right or wrong, not according to the moronic codes made up by whores!!

JUST WHAT IF - The Constitution was once again the law of the land and the government had no right to invade our privacy on any level.

JUST WHAT IF - Someone had the balls to lop off all the surplus fat being paid by us peons who work for a living to freeloaders who do nothing but leech off the people.

    Marie Kolasinski
More What If’s
    1. What if - there were no government agencies to tattle to and the whiners would have to go to the person they had a beef with.

    2. What if - our preachers would get to the root of the problem rather than the sickness. Nobody would point their finger at an abortionist again. We are all guilty of committing the original sin whenever the lust of the flesh cries out for satisfaction.

    3. What if - America returned to the real Father of our country, even God - putting Washington in his real place as a brave general.

    4. What if - all flesh would be silent under the awesome presence of our Father.

    5. What if - punishment and mercy were doled out to the individual in the same measure he/she doles it out.
Marie Kolasinski