[Government Run Amock]

A Notice to All Our Faithful Customers

September 1st, the tearoom will be closed for eating by the Health Department. Our candy counter will also be closed. What our gestapo government means for our harm, God means for our good.

We deeply regret parting with this mutual pleasure as this little place of "refuge" made us feel more like family, like a community.

However, we feel one door is closing and another opening which will unite us even more than eat and drink, and that is a common cause for the benefit of the human race.

We are turning the tearoom into a lounge where we will show videos, have literature - a place where people can get together to discuss the abuse of the government, plan marches and ultimately put an end to the tyrannical and authoritative agencies that control free enterprise.

We must have people who are completely sold out to the truth, who are not afraid to die if need be and who have God first, before anyone or anything.

"Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored." His mighty hand will surely deliver us.

We are contacting the media who will air the story of the end of all American dictatorship as it unfolds and we walk in it. God is with us to go before us and will be our rear guard.

With God's help we will start a grass roots movement that will eventually sweep across the world - mankind united, peace reigning, and all working for the benefit of the whole instead of our little selfish selves
Marie Kolasinski