[Government Run Amock]

Our Prison System

 Letter to the Editor - OC Weekly
(In response to the OC Weekly article, "Who'll Stop the Pain",
published January 21, 2011)

Your article on the jails and prisons was good but inadequate as it is impossible to describe the spirit in those places unless you are the victim yourself.

It is definitely the devil’s playground with all the devil’s helpers watching, waiting, pouncing, preying.

Describe the taking of one’s humanity. Tell how it feels when your very soul seems sucked out of you. Subtle, crafty, but real.

Lockdown is one way of stealing your humanity as time is taken from you. All the universe is in the element called time and without that sense of being, there is nothing to cling to.

Isolating is another cruel treatment as we are of the species who cling together to feel safe and get out of ourselves.

Crying and pouring out one’s feelings is therapy. However, it is called weakness in prison and punishment doled out.

We are of a nation who has gotten so far from reality and feeling for one another that I fear our judgment will burn us like Sodom and Gomorrah.

I described just a little of the spiritual aspect of this pits of hell. I will refrain from the filth and disgust in the facility itself. I am talking about OCJ. It is beyond fixin’… this rehab place.
I suggest we remove the prisoners. Leave in the rest and burn it to the ground. 

Marie Kolasinski
(714) 641-3112