[Government Run Amock]


    Leeches Living Off the People

    The Church and the Government

    We are about to see America enter into the greatest disaster the world has yet seen. It will be the finest hour for those who have a heart for righteousness but sheer panic for the crooked and deceitful.

    If our forefathers were alive today to see what we are allowing our government to do to us, they would take their guns and shoot us. We have all become traitors to the real America. We are allowing the church and the government to leach off us and our businesses until we will soon become nothing but whited sepulchers full of dead man's bones.

    Let me explain something to you. If there is a shred of decency in you, you just may hear and understand.

    Every business in America is a living entity born out of the life blood, sweat and tears and hard work of the one who has birthed it. It is a life giving spirit continually serving the community.

    The government is a leech and can only live if it takes life from the businesses and the people. In the Bible it is called 'Babylon".

    The church is also a leech sapping the life blood of the people, taking their money for a gospel that leads them nowhere, gospels that keep them in hell, a gospel that does not take them to the source of all life, our Father. The pastors, evangelists, teachers are greedy whoremongers living off the blood of the people. In the Bible it is called also "Babylon".


    Now let me give you just a bird's eye view of the real gospel.

    You cannot separate the kingdom from the resurrection. I hear the "big shot" teachers and preachers praying to know the power of the resurrection and I, along with God, would like to vomit. No wonder God is spitting them out of his mouth. He cannot stand that good thing that stands in the pulpit and preaches a humanistic gospel.

    To get into the kingdom you must give up your marriage. (Matthew 22:30) Please do not twist the scripture to your liking. Marriage is a shadow and if you want the real you have to pay a price. If you do not want the real then stop preaching or teaching as if you want it, or worse, as if you already have it. Divorce is not the answer; owning nothing is the answer.

    To get into the kingdom you must be "planted in Christ's death"-that means total death to all your friends, family, ministry - total death to all your way of thinking, all your understanding, you speaking, your habits, your all. Get it, or are you dense when it comes to spiritual things? (Romans 6:5)

    To get into the kingdom you must become poor in spirit. That means your source of life that comes from the world has to be dried up for his kingdom is not of the church world. The church is a phony cemetery called hell. (Matthew 5:3)

    The kingdom of God is joy, peace and righteousness in the Holy Ghost, so if you are not in the resurrection, your righteousness is a filthy rag, covered up by good works and religious garbage. Your joy is a phony type of debauchery and your peace is a facade of disgusting conformity. The eyes of the people are being opened so all phony religious crap is being exposed.

    All who enter the kingdom are born not of woman or mother church, but of the very will of God. That, my dear friends, means we give up our own will-even our will to live.

    Those living in the resurrection called the church are also called believers. They have all things in common - own nothing, not even their own lives. They live in a community where each one is united to another, not by marriage or family but by the blood of Christ. For they have shed their own blood and allowed the sword to crucify their flesh.

    By the way, only those who have been crucified have Christ living in them. "I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I but Christ liveth in me."

    Perhaps the most profound words Christ spoke are these:
    "I will not sup with you again until I sup with you in the kingdom".... Now it behooves all of us if we want to sup again with Christ, we must come into the kingdom. It was expedient that he left us after the wonderful visitation called the "charismatic move" but now we must go where he is - where he has prepared a place for us in the Father's heart and there we will be back to our first love - even our example who has shown us the way, so we might become the Truth and inherit the Life.

    Marie Kolasinski