[Government Run Amock]


    The Fall of a Nation

    The ax is taken to the root of the tree called Capitalism. What happens at the root area will affect the whole tree. (every tree therefore which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast in to the fire. Luke 3:9) Every stand - ever so small - we, as citizens of America, take against the powers that are destroying the foundation of our country, (when united as a mass) will bring an end to all tyranny, unfairness, prejudice, and apathy.

    I would like to stress again. The same conscience that will not let me murder someone is the same conscience that prohibits me from carrying out the unconstitutional codes and laws that are strangling our country, economically and morally.

    Just a few thoughts to stimulate our thinking processes: Isn't it odd that the code enforcement officers march into your place of business - take your right of privacy and the right to make a living away from you, and then they walk out the door as the victim and you the criminal??? As we have fought for our rights given to us by God and the Constitution in previous court battles, we have always been called the criminal and they the poor victims.

    Because we supposedly broke our probation - God only knows how - we were told to comply or receive the consequence which was a fine and/or a jail sentence, so we just closed our tea room, beating them to the punch. If you want the whole story of what the complying consisted of and then the raping of the store by two gestapo whores, please order the tapes. This war going on affects you as well as us. If we do not do all in our power to stop the devil's attempt to completely destroy the country God founded, we will be worse off than a third world country.

    The week of November 5th, 2000, we sued Karen Newe and Bruce Freeman. They are the two rapists who entered our store and violated not only our Constitutional rights but also our person (frankly, I would rather have had a robber come in and rob us than what we were put through by these arrogant bastards who have been given a legal right to murder the people by taking their businesses). These rights are given to the racketeers by laws made by the racketeers.

    The flags flew, the trumpets blew and the saints came marching in. On November 7th, election day, some thirty God-fearing, truth-loving pioneers dressed in overalls sang patriotic songs spoke some patriotic truths, climbed in trucks, vans and little bugs draped in flags and banners, and made their way to the building called the Orange County Environmental Services. This so-called "service" is just one of the appendages not needed by the tax-payers.

    As we marched the wind was so strong we could hardly hold our flags. Some called it the "winds of change" - some called it the "mighty rushing wind of the Spirit". I called it "the winds of hell trying to prevail against the church".

    Four police cars and around ten policemen were on hand to make sure we all behaved. Did you ever see a policeman and feel protected because he was there? That is the feeling that covered us as we literally leaned against the wind, our flags noisily flapping as they made a colorful statement saying "our flag is still there" - a symbol telling the world that "every man is created with the same rights of life, liberty and the right to make a living".

    Dear Valerie from channel 3 faithfully left her coverage of the election and covered our story.

    Before going back to work we caravanned over to the election poles with our flags flying from our vehicles. As one who saw us said, "I got the goose bumps." My dear friends, it is not the flag but what it stands for. It is not you, but what you stand for. Let our words and deeds carry with them truth, conviction and righteousness.

    Marie Kolasinski