A Timely Word

    The Kingdom of God is here, and every man, woman and child will have to reconcile his life to a holy and awesome God. With much tribulation we enter the Kingdom (Acts 14). Everyone must change. Everyone on earth is born with a heart the Bible calls wicked, so we are all in the same boat, so to speak. The heart of the homosexual is the same as the pious Christian who sits in church every Sunday. No time for pointing fingers as we all have all we can do to get ourselves right with God.

    The birth pangs of a new age, a new world, are upon us. Is your first priority "seeking first God's Kingdom"? Or are you busy storing up treasures on earth?

    Everyone born of God will live in a community with Christ as the head - no male or female - only Christ. And the community will have its own business. Every business is a life giving spirit, continually giving to a community. The government does not give to a community but rather takes, much like the apostate church. As God brings forth the real church which is life-giving, we will see the false church put to shambles and shame. She, like the government, is the whore spoken of in Revelation.

    The real church is born with much pain and much suffering. America, we are about to go into labor to bring forth a new nation - a manchild, and His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, everlasting Father, and the governments shall be upon His shoulders.

    Piecemakers' business in not of this world any more than Noah's Ark was of this world and it cannot conform to the dictatorial edicts any more than Daniel could bow down to the false image. We pay our taxes, give to Caesar that which is Caesar's, but also give our life continually to God. Too bad our "country under God" has a Caesar.

    Pray that God tempers His wrath with mercy.

    Marie Kolasinski